Want to get my newly launched e-books FREE just before they’re released?

Sign up to get my newest e-books free in one step at this link:


Once you sign up, I’ll send you the epub or Kindle file of my latest release. Right now, that’s Remarkably Great. You can EASILY upload it to your ereader (any kind of tablet or Kindle or Kobo) but I’m always here to offer instructions.

Thanks for reading and joining the Club!

Heather :)

Remarkably Great by Heather Grace Stewart-3


    1. Oh sweetheart! You have no idea how much I needed this today! 940 pm EST and at my desk since 8 am. I am trying everything to reach some readers, and you tell me it looks good, and that
      I’m an inspiration! I’m a mess right now who needs to finally eat something, wash her face and shave her legs! LOL
      THANK YOU for reminding me to keep on going …that I’m inspiring some who tell me and possibly touching/inspiring others who don’t. Big hugs to you Kim!


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