Trick or Treat?

Listen to Heather read this poem here

In the fall, I start to plan
the disguise of all disguises.
I plot and prepare
for an evening of surprises.

I practice stirring a witch’s pot;
I wear scars like Frankenstein’s.
I cackle and I screech
like an owl up in the pines.

I can be what I want;
mysterious and unseen.
Oh, what should I be
for this year’s Halloween?

I could be a pirate,
if I only had a patch.
Or perhaps a fire-eater,
if I only had a match.

I could be a fortune teller,
but I’d need a crystal ball.
I could be Humpty Dumpty,
but who would be my wall?

Perhaps I’ll be a butterfly,
with blue-speckled wings.
Perhaps a court jester;
my dog could be the King.

No, I must be different—
and scary—a surprise.
So no one else can tell it’s me,
except by my two eyes.

Yes, I’ll be what I want;
mysterious and unseen.

But what will YOU be
For this year’s Halloween?

copyright Heather Grace Stewart 2012

Written by Heather Grace Stewart

Heather Grace Stewart is the author of the romantic comedy novels Remarkably Great (2015) Strangely, Incredibly Good (2014), the screenplay The Friends I've Never Met (2012), four poetry collections, 'Three Spaces' 'Carry On Dancing' (Winter Goose Publishing, March 2012) 'Leap,' (2010) and 'Where the Butterflies Go, (2008) 'The Groovy Granny' (poems for kids 4-104) and two non-fiction political books for youth (Jackfruit Press). A member of the Writers Union of Canada, she lives with her family in Montreal, Canada.

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