“Risk something new every day” ~ did I actually write that? Because now that I have to do it, yikes! :) Tomorrow, Feb. 7, 2013, I will appear on my first live podcast, thanks to the Creative Nexus crew and their wonderful Nexus Café radio show.


You can tune in live starting at 6 EST Feb. 7, but you can also find the show in the archives later. I’ll be interviewed around 7 EST about my poetry, and will be reading from Carry On Dancing and my upcoming collection, Three Spaces. Here’s a blog post about the show:


Hope you’ll tune in!

Heather :)

UPDATE: Thanks so much to all who tuned in – you helped make it their most popular broadcast yet!  Here is a link to the recorded show – you can listen to the whole fantastic broadcast, and find me at 57:05, being interviewed and reading several poems for about 50 minutes. Thanks again for listening and for Creative Nexus for inviting me on the show! http://www.blogtalkradio.com/creativenexus/2013/02/07/nexus-caf-070213

Written by Heather Grace Stewart

Heather Grace Stewart is the author of the novel Strangely, Incredibly Good (Morning Rain Publishing, 2014), the screenplay The Friends I've Never Met (2012), four poetry collections, 'Three Spaces' 'Carry On Dancing' (Winter Goose Publishing, March 2012) 'Leap,' (2010) and 'Where the Butterflies Go, (2008) 'The Groovy Granny' (poems for kids 4-104) and two non-fiction political books for youth (Jackfruit Press). A member of the Writers Union of Canada, she lives with her family in Montreal, Canada.


  1. How absolutely fantastic – as I’ve said to u before u have a perfect Radio voice no doubt at all. I think u would actually be surprised at how big ur work is in Bristol – get this – and this is not the word of a lie – there is what I think is an image of u, with butterfly, on one of the street art installations at Stokes Croft, Bristol
    . U may have heard of the Bristol Street Art Movement, which kicked off in the late 90s – Banksy is the most famous exponent, and he has fans all over the World :-)


  2. It’s quite a big installation – I’ll do my best with the photo, but I’m a complete camera-klutz I’m afraid. I will be listening to u on the Radio – that is approx Midnight in GMT, quite late but the weekend pretty much starts in Bristol on a Thursday night. Sending all best, how exciting :-)


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