A Christmas Interview

Here’s my first ever videotaped interview conducted by our nine-year-old daughter, Kayla.

Have a beautiful holiday season!

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Holiday Party & 20 Percent Off Morning Rain Publishing Books!

Hey guys! Hope all is well.

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On Thursday, December 11 from 6 to 10 p.m. Morning Rain Publishing is holding an online Facebook Holiday Party! Readers can interact with authors on this “Superfan group” as they are calling it. Join HERE!

As you know, I recently left Facebook, so I can’t chat on there, but if you really want to ask me a question, why not do so here during that time frame? Now that I realize my daughter’s violin concert isn’t that evening after all (oh the mind clutter at Christmas! ) I’ll be here, and will be happy to chat in the comments section of this post, or the video post. You can also @ me on Twitter and I will respond. I’m @hgracestewart on Twitter.

Video post? YES! I’ll also post a video interview on this blog at 6 p.m. EST which MRP will post in the Facebook Group. You don’t want to miss it – our nine year old daughter Kayla conducts an interview (my first video interview ever!) with me in our home. I think she steals the show, the cutie :)

I think that’s all the news for now. You can check Upcoming Events to learn more about my January 3 book signing in B.C. and my Speaker Series noon hour speech in early March in Kingston, Ontario.

Don’t forget to use that 20 percent off code(good until Dec. 30th) , and if you already have my novel, please help a small independent publisher and buy a Morning Rain Publishing Book for someone you love.

Have a wonderful holiday season. Merry Christmas from our home to yours!


Snowy December 10, 2014

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Yup, I Finally Left Facebook

I left Facebook for good two weeks ago, and while I miss interacting with many of you readers and friends, I know I made the right choice for me and my family.

I don’t want to make a big deal of it. I don’t need to make some grand public statement about Facebook. I don’t think Facebook is evil, and I don’t think that you should all log off. I do think it’s only getting worse, not better. I miss the days when you could send someone cyber flowers or throw Obama at them! But, that’s besides the point.

Facebook is a communication/networking tool, and like all tools, you need to make it work for you. It wasn’t working for me anymore.

I miss seeing many of your photos reading your status updates, and I miss my two publishers’ discussion groups, and boy do I miss updates from the parents at my daughter’s school, but at the end of the day, I needed to make a choice.

I chose to make time for more meaningful conversations. ‘LIKE’ just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. I decided to choose to make more time in my day for exchanging longer emails with friends, phone calls, Skype calls, and even snail mail letters. I was only on Facebook a few minutes every morning to post on my Page, and an hour every night, but I think I also ‘checked’ people’s updates a few times throughout the day. Those minutes added up. Now, I find I have more hours in the day to do as I wish, and I’m happier.

I’ve been working on the sequel to Strangely, Incredibly Good, and it’s going well! I’m taking my time, though, because I want the second book to be just as good as the first. I’ve been posting the draft up on Wattpad.com here. You can take a look if you’re curious and if you’ve already read the first book. Leave a comment if you can, please — comments keep me motivated!

I still haven’t conquered the piles of laundry that forever need to be folded, or the dust bunnies under the fridge. Darn. But I’ve been enjoying fun times with friends and family in-person, and I think that’s more important.

This weekend, I was hardly online at all, so I’ve managed to get half the Christmas cards written and addressed, and we made yummy chocolate lollipops on my daughter’s day off school. I mulled some wine with spices last night, as it was rather chilly outside putting up our house lights. Our marriage stayed intact during the challenge of putting up house lights, at least for another year. ;) Wonderful to come in from the cold to the mulled wine on the stove. I have to say, I wish I could share a cup with all of you!

Thanks for reading my books, and thanks for following my blog. I hope you all find time to sit back and enjoy this holiday season.

Heather :)

I’m still easily found online! Just not on Facebook.

How can you reach me? You can send me an email (writer@hgrace.com) or comment here – I’d absolutely love that.

I post chapters weekly on:


I post daily ( sigh, yeah. trying to keep it in check!) on

Goodreads I have a profile here

Google Plus  I post here maybe once a week?

Cheers! To 'finding' more time for the things you really love. Heather & her mulled wine
Cheers! To ‘finding’ more time for the things you really love. (Note I kick up my heel I like it so much! )
Author Heather Grace Stewart & her mulled wine

An Interview with Heather Grace Stewart

Heather Grace Stewart:

Writer-Blogger Caroline Clemens offered to have me visit her blog, Gardenlilie.com for a short interview. Fun! Thanks very much Caroline!

Originally posted on gardenlilie:

Canadian Author

This is Heather Grace Stewart! I found this Canadian author on WordPress, and read her poetry book a couple years ago. I even left her my first review that I ever wrote. I had no idea I’d be posting a short interview about her further accomplishments. She is bubbly and vivacious and gets her work out there for others to see and enjoy.

Though she’s trained as a journalist, Heather Grace Stewart has been writing creatively since she was five years old, and says “I don’t see myself stopping any time soon.” She’s had a screenplay, two nonfiction books, a children’s book of poems, and four collections of poetry published. How incredible!

Here’s more about her on her blog. Have a look.

In June 2014, Morning Rain Publishing published her first novel, Strangely, Incredibly Good (a romantic comedy/fantasy). It reached #10 in humorous fiction on Kobo and #28 in Women’s…

View original 571 more words

New Theme!

Hey there!

I thought it was time for a more modern, updated blog. Please bear with me as I put in new links (I haven’t finished my books page yet) and make sure everything’s where it should be. I’d like to put an archives page, so you can access over 5 years of blog posts, but I don’t know how. If you google my name and the title of the blog post, if you can remember the one you want to read, that works. But that’s not exactly the best way to do this is it?

Anyone know where my archives are? ;) Please comment – yay or nay about the new theme, and if it’s nay, what do I need to fix?

I can’t wait to hear from you.

UPDATE: YES! I found the Category Cloud widget! Now you can look at my archives by clicking on any subject that interests you in the Category Cloud in the right-hand side Widget Bar. Have fun! There’s lots there.

Getting by with a lot of help from my friends! Thanks again to Patty and Nadia's Wire Art and everyone else who came out to support me when I went to read from Strangely, Incredibly Good at Pincourt Public Library
Getting by with a lot of help from my friends!
Thanks again to Patty and Nadia’s Wire Art and everyone else who came out to support me when I went to read from Strangely, Incredibly Good at Pincourt Public Library

These Obstacles Are My Life

For a long time it seemed to me that real life was about to begin, but there was always some obstacle in the way. Something had to be got through first, some unfinished business; time still to be served, a debt to be paid. Then life would begin. At last it dawned on me that these obstacles were my life.
~Bette Howland

This quote holds so much meaning for me. My dream – my novel Strangely, Incredibly Good, was published June 5th, 2014. I’ve never felt more like I’m on the right path. But guess what? Never have I faced more obstacles in trying to get my work discovered and read! Yes, after publication! And I have an actual publisher! (It’s not their fault – they are awesome – it’s the nutty book industry right now).

I admit, some days, when it’s been too many obstacles in a row, I just want to sit on the couch, watch Ellen, and eat mint chocolate chip ice cream. Then I realize how blessed I am to have that couch, TV and ice cream, and a published novel. And I stop sulking and get back to trying to get my book discovered by more readers.

It’s not like Strangely Incredibly Good hasn’t been a success. How do you define success anyway? Great reviews? Check. Several readers who demand a sequel? Check. A big fat cheque? Yeah, not quite a checkmark there. But that’s okay. I’m in this with all my heart, to share my writing and hopefully lift a lot of people up; to give them an escape, touch their hearts, make them laugh out loud. So in that respect, I feel that I’m successful.

My greatest obstacle with this novel has been trying to get it into more readers’ hands. Indie bookstores are more than willing to take a few copies of my book on consignment (so if you want to see it in your local small bookstore let me know!) However, getting space on a major bookstore bookshelf is a real challenge, even if you have a publisher. I wrote the CEO of Chapters-Indigo a few times. Could my book be distributed in a few of her stores. Or if not, could I leave my bathtub of books in one of her stores for just a week? She was kind enough to respond to me that she’s inundated with 100s of messages like mine from authors on a weekly basis, and that sorry, but they don’t ‘do installations.’ She did put a happy face after that, but, darn. I was thinking outside the box (and inside the bathtub!) I will never stop doing that.

Alright, so I’ll just read at a library. Gain some readers that way. ANNNG. Wrong answer. Apparently, most Canadian libraries insist your book be in multiple branches of their library before they can even consider you coming to speak. I was disappointed about that, but I am just considering it one more delay. I’ll get there. This is definitely not a career for anyone lacking patience!

All of these obstacles are part of the journey. They make it aggravating, yes. But they also make it interesting. They make victory sweeter. And they challenge me to try a new way, not just every year, but pretty much every day.

My latest new way is Wattpad. Yes, I am giving Strangely, Incredibly Good away for free, chapter by chapter. The theory is, I’ll gain new readers, and perhaps one day they will actually pay for my sequel. Perhaps not. You know what? I care about getting paid for my work, but above all else, I write for myself, and for others to hopefully get a lift and an escape. Wattpad is a new way to distribute the words I spent approximately 17531.6 hours getting just right. It’s getting my novel out there.

I hope you’ll check out my profile at Wattpad, and let your book-loving friends know about it! If you want to help me out, you can also remind them that Strangely, Incredibly Good and all my other books are on Kindle and Kobo for under $5. Thanks!

And remember, obstacles are not there to ruin your life. They are your life. Puts a whole new spin on it doesn’t it?

Have a great week!



Strangely, Incredibly Busy!

Author Events Fall 2014

October and November on my calendar are filling up with exciting events! I’ll be doing a book sales & signing at Chapters Pointe Claire Quebec, Saturday, October 4, from 1 – 4 p.m. On the same date in November, Tuesday, November 4 at 7 p.m., I’ll be at Pincourt Library, reading from Strangely, Incredibly Good, selling & signing books, and we’ll have evening tea and treats. This special event is thanks to The Writers Union of Canada (TWUC) and the Canada Council, and for that I’m grateful.

I’ve also been invited to Pharmaprix Pincourt’s VIP Tea night on Wednesday, October 22 from 5-9 pm to share Strangely, Incredibly Good with those being given a VIP treatment! Visit my Facebook Page (Events section) if you want to be one of the lucky three people to win a complimentary ticket to this event!

I’m going to leave the rest of November and December free, because I’m working on a sequel to Strangely, Incredibly Good, and want to give myself lots of time for the writing sessions. I’ll try to share as much as I can about my writing process here, without giving anything away!

I’m hoping to travel to Kanata or Ottawa public library some time in the New Year to say hello to my home town, and also to Kingston, Ontario, which holds a place in my heart, as I spent four wonderful years going to school at Queen’s University there.

If you’re reading this and you want me to come to your Canadian library to read and do a book signing in the next year or so, let me know, and I’ll try to work something out!

Hope to see you at one of these events,

Heather :)

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SIG Pincourt 3