Dead People’s Avatars

Dead People’s Avatars I said I never would But I just wrote on a dead man’s Facebook Wall. We’re all going to do it some time. It’s inevitable now. Dead people’s avatars floating around cyberspace their LinkedIn profiles asking you to join them for a business venture, their lively smiles begging you to Invite them […]

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Heather’s bestselling Kindle screenplay, the romantic comedy The Friends I’ve Never Met, is now 0.99 until Monday afternoon, Sept. 8th! THE FRIENDS I’VE NEVER MET REDUCED ON KINDLE! Heather’s 3rd poetry & prose collection “Three Spaces” and 1st collection “Where the Butterflies Go” are just $1.99 until Monday. Visit your nearest Kindle or Kobo today […]


A Face and a Name

My new business cards from are so much fun! Love how they and their lovely card holders (which come free with the cards) are sourced from paper from sustainable forests and recycled pulp. Even the four, red order reference cards aren’t wasted. Instead, they have fun sayings on them like “I like your shoes.” […]

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Caged You may stop and stare, but do not pity me. I may be caged, but how are you free? Chained to your desks while I play & preen; You spend half your days glued to a screen. I delight in my prey; I pounce when they sing. Chained to your devices; you jump when […]

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The Day You Looked Me In The Eyes

from the collection Three Spaces The Day You Looked Me in the Eyes   I was walking and texting, looking down, People talking on smart phones. Heading to opposite sides of town, A polluted sea of white, black, brown drones carrying plastic clones.   Suddenly, our worlds collided. We stopped buying into lies. At first, […]

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