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New Theme!

Hey there!

I thought it was time for a more modern, updated blog. Please bear with me as I put in new links (I haven’t finished my books page yet) and make sure everything’s where it should be. I’d like to put an archives page, so you can access over 5 years of blog posts, but I don’t know how. If you google my name and the title of the blog post, if you can remember the one you want to read, that works. But that’s not exactly the best way to do this is it?

Anyone know where my archives are? ;) Please comment – yay or nay about the new theme, and if it’s nay, what do I need to fix?

I can’t wait to hear from you.

UPDATE: YES! I found the Category Cloud widget! Now you can look at my archives by clicking on any subject that interests you in the Category Cloud in the right-hand side Widget Bar. Have fun! There’s lots there.

Getting by with a lot of help from my friends! Thanks again to Patty and Nadia's Wire Art and everyone else who came out to support me when I went to read from Strangely, Incredibly Good at Pincourt Public Library
Getting by with a lot of help from my friends!
Thanks again to Patty and Nadia’s Wire Art and everyone else who came out to support me when I went to read from Strangely, Incredibly Good at Pincourt Public Library

Born to Blog

It took me several years of playing around on social media to realize that my first love on the Net – blogging – is still my passion. I love blogging!

I miss posting photos and blogging regularly. Writing a novel took me away from that, as I needed time offline to get the novel finished, but time on Twitter and Facebook has also cut into my blogging time.

I’d also noticed a drop in commenting in the last few years, and that was discouraging. The LIKE button came along, and many of us – yes me included – now find it easier to simply LIKE a blog post, rather than take the time to log in and comment.

While I can’t promise another novel won’t take me away from regular blogging (that would be a good thing, right?) for now, I’d like to try posting at least once a week again; to have some fun with taking and posting photographs again, and to try commenting on more blogs each week. I know how great it feels to read someone’s comment on my blog. I hope to give that back.

Meanwhile, it’s Saturday and it’s summertime, so I’ve just been chillin': reading, gardening and picking bouquets of lilies, floating in the pool, and taking lots photographs ….my daughter and I loved these tangerine drinks, and I loved how they made those lilies pop!



Book Bloggers! Join the SIG Tour!

I’m going on tour. This is so exciting!

I’ll be on tour with help from the wonderful Fictionella from June 1-30. Here’s the Fictionella tour schedule so far. Book bloggers, there is still time to join!

Strangely, Incredibly Good Blog Tour


Leaping Into Blog Talk Radio!

“Risk something new every day” ~ did I actually write that? Because now that I have to do it, yikes! :) Tomorrow, Feb. 7, 2013, I will appear on my first live podcast, thanks to the Creative Nexus crew and their wonderful Nexus Café radio show.


You can tune in live starting at 6 EST Feb. 7, but you can also find the show in the archives later. I’ll be interviewed around 7 EST about my poetry, and will be reading from Carry On Dancing and my upcoming collection, Three Spaces. Here’s a blog post about the show:


Hope you’ll tune in!

Heather :)

UPDATE: Thanks so much to all who tuned in – you helped make it their most popular broadcast yet!  Here is a link to the recorded show – you can listen to the whole fantastic broadcast, and find me at 57:05, being interviewed and reading several poems for about 50 minutes. Thanks again for listening and for Creative Nexus for inviting me on the show! http://www.blogtalkradio.com/creativenexus/2013/02/07/nexus-caf-070213

I’m Back.


It’s been a busy fall, and I haven’t been blogging as much as I’d like to. I’m back. Here’s what has been going on with me:

1) I have glasses. Ugh. Just for the computer and reading, for now. They’re pink and purple, thanks to my fashion-conscious kid.
2) I have a publisher! ‘Carry On Dancing’ – my third poetry collection – will be published
by Winter Goose Publishing in print and ebook in March 2012.
3) This blog had its 100,000th visitor last week! Thanks for all your support these last 2.5 years. I can’t believe how many great things have come from my blogging -friendships, a publishing contract, and readers sending me homemade cookies all the time. (Alright, that last one is wishful thinking).
4) ‘The Groovy Granny’ is now an epub! You can buy it on http://blurb.com for $2.99 and read it on your iPad or iPhone. It will be in the iBookstore soon.
5) ‘Leap’ and ‘Where the Butterflies Go’ have leapt to #3 and #16 in Canada’s iBookstore and remain in the Top 40 right now and the ‘What’s Hot’ section of both the Canadian and U.S. iBookstores. I want to thank all of you who have bought and reviewed my ebooks, and to let you know that with the proceeds I’ve made since July we have twice donated pencils to a school in a developing country through Unicef’s Gift of Education Program.

My plan for this blog is to post at least every Tuesday and Thursday, and introduce new features along with my poetry and prose pieces, such as ‘Caption This’ for my photos, ‘My Favourite Things’ near Christmas time, and special interviews with both indie and traditionally published authors.

I hope you’ll join me and share the posts so others know I’m back, and I’m blogging. Thanks again for reading.

Ciao for now,

'The Groovy Granny' on its iPad version was a big hit with the Grade One class I visited in October 2011. My talented illustrator is to my left. Get the iPad / iPhone version at http://blurb.com for jut $2.99!

A Few of my Favourite Things: Blogging

I have found a second home here in the blogosphere, with too many benefits to mention.

I started my blog a little over two years ago, but I didn’t get really involved with the blogging community until my book Leap came out in February 2010. I had posted a few of the poems from my 2008 collection Where the Butterflies Go, but I hadn’t tried a poetry rally yet, or done an interview with any other blogger. I hadn’t hung out with you guys yet. Now I have, and I’m hooked. Plus, I’ve had people from 84 different countries visit me in the last three weeks (actual page-view visits of more than five minutes)–how cool is that?

Getting feedback on my work, reading your lovely comments about my poems and photos, checking out your posts–that would be enough for me to keep doing this forever, but wait, there’s more.

Publishers have found me through my blog and bought the rights to my photographs and poems. Young writers have found me through my blog and asked for some advice. It’s very rewarding to be able to help them out as best I can, and I’m looking forward to watching their careers unfold.

I’ve sold more books thanks to my blogging than I have at any public reading (a lot of swapping, not buying, goes on at readings) and best of all, through sales of both books, I’ve been able to donate to Unicef’s Gift of Education project three times. That’s three children who have received an education they may not have otherwise received, thanks to you readers!

Today, as a Christmas gift to thank you for visiting, commenting, giving me special awards, buying my books, and for your friendship, I’ve donated to Unicef (Canada) again. The $18 just bought 900 pencils for an entire school. Can you believe how much just $18 can do? Please do look at the Unicef link if you still have hard-to-shop-for people on your list.

My hopes for my 2011 blogging year? New friends, new projects, and more book sales so I have can get a fourth ($75) education for a child in need–or, perhaps–and this is a big reach but it’s a dream–a $500 water pump for an entire community.

I said it in 2009 to some most excellent friends (who later got me a t shirt saying I can’t rap), and I’ll say it again: I’ll be the very model of a modern networked blogger, yo!

My blogging "Mews" Sam