Thank You Kingston, Ontario!


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I’m back from a whirlwind 3-day trip to Kingston, Ontario. Such fun, and many great surprises! I was a speaker at the Queen’s University Media & Journalism Conference (QMJC), and also had a fun ‘wine & chocolate’ celebration of my … Continue reading

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Half Price Signed Paperback Books!

Hey guys!
If you’re starting your holiday shopping for literary lovers on your list, I’ve got a deal for you all this month. Where the Butterflies Go, Leap and Three Spaces will be half-price if you order a signed copy in November 2013 (plus shipping to your city). So that’s $4 for a signed WTBG, $10 for a signed Leap (only 1 copy left! hurry!) $6 for Carry On Dancing, $7 for Three Spaces.  Payment is by Paypal. If you order several copies I can of course give you a great deal on shipping. CONTACT ME to arrange for your signed copy to be shipped to you!

For those who prefer ebooks, it’s also sales time for you. I’ve reduced Where The Butterflies Go, Three Spaces and my screenplay, The Friends I’ve Never Met, to just $1.99 all this month, on all ereaders – Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Sony, Apple iBooks and many more!

Just my way of saying thank you for supporting my writing these past five years – hoping you’ll share the joy by buying someone you love some of my poetry or prose! CHEERS and thanks!ImageHeather

Win Signed Books!

THE GREAT SUMMER BOOK GIVEAWAY! It’s easy to enter. Simply SHARE my FACEBOOK AUTHOR page with a friend or friends. Please post this notice on their page or your page or better yet, tell them about it/ my poetry/prose in person. Post “I’ve Shared” on my Facebook Page once you’ve done so. You’ll be entered in a draw to win a SIGNED POETRY COLLECTION of your CHOICE: either Where the Butterflies Go, Carry On Dancing or Three Spaces! Four copies available. Contest ends AUGUST 24th.
SO, GET SHARING! :) Thanks for reading.
THE GREAT SUMMER BOOK GIVEAWAY! SHARE this page with a friend or friends. Please post it on their page or your page or better yet, tell them about it/ my poetry/prose  in person. Post on this page once you've done so. You'll be entered in a draw to win a SIGNED POETRY COLLECTION of your CHOICE: either Where the Butterflies Go, Carry On Dancing or Three Spaces! Four copies available. Contest ends AUGUST 24th. SO, GET SHARING! :)
P.S. Not a Facebook fan? No worries! If you don’t mind simply sharing this post with another blogger, reblogging it or tweeting about it, and letting me know you’ve shared it by signing in and posting a comment here, I’ll happily enter your name in the draw too!

100 Ways

You’re creative. You can come up with 100 excuses why it’s not convenient to write.

The ‘y’ on your keyboard is missing. Jay Leno is on. Your cat named Jay Leno ate your keyboard.

The truth is, writing is damned inconvenient. It’s never convenient to have a plot or character bothering you when you’re supposed to be presenting Marketing for Morons to, well, morons, or explaining what that thing is between your nose and your upper lip to your eldest child while talking on the phone and making your youngest child a ham sandwich (ham and lettuce on the side).

It’s easy to find 100 excuses why it’s not convenient to write.

A writer finds 100 ways to fit writing into their inconvenient life.

Here’s a great excuse for not writing on Mother’s Day: My daughter wanted me to BE SuperMom. No, seriously, with a pink cape and everything. So I did, and had a blast with her in the backyard. Then I wrote about it.


I just wanted to make sure you all knew that Three Spaces will be free in the Kindle store today, May 9, 2013, through to early Sunday morning. Don’t have a Kindle? No worries, you can go to and download their free reading software for a Mac or PC, desktop or laptop.
Just wanted to give my readers a gift this Mother’s day weekend. Enjoy!




Yup, you read that right. I love giving my books away, especially when I can sign them and ship them right to your door.  If you live in Canada, the US, the UK or Australia, this is your chance to sign up for a free copy of Three Spaces AND, included in the package, a free copy of my 2012 collection, Carry On Dancing. Hey, when I do things, I don’t do ‘em small :)

I’m really excited about this giveaway. Please do share about it – let’s give thousands of people who think they don’t like poetry a chance for me to prove them wrong!

My Goodreads Giveaway:

Please don’t forget to add my books to your “To Read” shelf if you sign up for this giveaway. Thanks!



Kim Larocque Celebrates Small Publishers/Indie Writers with Author of the Year Award

Writer-interviewer Kim Larocque of Muse in the Valley has announced her Author of the Year 2012 nominees, and I’m so touched to be among the 12 talented nominees.

Please go vote for any of the authors in the list, if you’ve read them: no account or login required to vote! It’s a fantastic award that celebrates indie publishers, indie writing and indie writers.

Kim writes, “Muse In The Valley was born as”bestisyettocome” a quiet journey into my thoughts and aspirations.  A year later, when I changed the name to Muse In The Valley, I started writing about dreams and how they can assist us into finding the messages our soul is trying to give us.  I had no clue then, nor did I ask the Universe to become a Literary Blogger, yet I did, and I am immersed in a world of literature.  I have met the most amazing poets, indie writers, novelists, children’s book writers and more, thus, opening up doors to new contacts, new friendships and new BOOKS!!”

I agree with Kim – 2012 has been a surprising, thrilling year for me as an author, and I want to thank all of you for being a part of it!

Best always,


The Groovy Granny: Reviews!

Thanks to Kim Larocque and her beautiful blog Muse in the Valley for her fantastic review of and back-story to The Groovy Granny ebook!

Review of The Groovy Granny

More reviews of this book are listed here: Reviews of Heather’s Poetry

(All reviews are posted on that page, but reviews for Carry On Dancing aren’t posted yet. I have been so busy touring with that book I haven’t had time yet to post reviews. You can however check out all customer reviews on Amazon here: Reviews of Carry On Dancing)

On bad days, do you feel like a monkey has messed your hair? Or perhaps
a lion is rummaging through your closet, telling you what to wear? Illustration
copyright Kayla Stewart, The Groovy Granny, Graceful Publications 2012.

Thanks again for reading & sharing my poetry.

Best wishes,

FREE Books! ~ How Can You Resist?

I’d like to thank Kindle Nation Daily for highlighting Where the Butterflies Go as a freebie! Now, go get it!

Win A Signed Book!

Time for a fun and easy contest, because I love giving books away, and who better to reward than my regular blog readers? I’ll be posting photo-quotos like the ones in my last two blog posts  here on this blog as well as on my Facebook Author Page all of June 2012. Simply ‘share’ the photo by tweeting it, Facebook Like it, Tumblr it, Pin it on Pinterest ~ the sky’s the limit as there are many ways to share a photo online these days. You can enter the contest today by sharing the rose photo quoto and the morning sunrise one which I posted a few days ago, on this blog and on my Facebook Page.

Then, please comment here (or on my Facebook Author Page if you prefer ) so I know you’ve shared. You can share as many photo quotos as you like all month ~ the more you share, the more times your name will be entered into the draw for a signed copy of Where The Butterflies Go, Leap, or Carry On Dancing (your choice), and 10 Carry On Dancing postcards. Please don’t forget to leave me your email address when you comment so I can contact you if you’re the winner. The winner will be announced July 3, 2012.

Thanks for playing!

Reading at Chapters Bookstore, Kanata, Ontario. April 2012