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The Lockdown Nursery Rhyme

My most recent work is a romantic comedy novel – but in light of recent news, I feel the need to share this sombre opinion piece today, from my collection Three Spaces (2013). Feel free to share it.
Danny got dressed for school today;
Danny didn’t come back,
because of one gunman’s
mass attack.

Should we start teaching our children this nursery rhyme at school, along with lockdown procedure? A ridiculous idea? Why? Nursery rhymes were designed to warn children of possible dangers in the world.

They also make light of what children would perceive as tragic events (Humpty Dumpty not being able to be put together again; a tiny spider nearly drowning in a waterspout).

We’ve had enough school massacres in the USA to warrant it being called a real threat, and yet, so many of us downplay the chances of it happening closer to home, and argue that nothing can be done to stop crazy people from doing crazy things.

We may as well write a nursery rhyme about these events, because nothing else constructive is being done.

We’re all too busy shouting at each other: Gun control versus freedom to carry concealed weapons. Shoot the crazy dude dead. He ws just some nut case, so let’s forget about it, I need my Grande Vanilla Latte at Starbucks.

We hold these truths to be self evident: If we can buy all kinds of weapons with only a driver’s licence as ID, and if we retain the right to carry a concealed .223 calibre Bushmaster rifle which can kill 20 children in 8 minutes, innocent lives will continue to be lost.

It’s too late to bring back the children. It’s too late for an all-out ban on weapons. It’s never too late to make a positive change.

We can regulate who can carry concealed handguns, and we can bring back Canada’s long-gun registry, which would provide one extra safety measure to regulate who owns and uses weapons in Canada. Now is not the time to loosen any country’s gun laws. It’s time to strengthen them.

We. The people. It’s up to us. It’s our lives. It’s our children. Something can be done, but we can’t sit around waiting for it to get done. We have to voice our demands, and make politicians hear them.

If not, we may as well start teaching our children the nursery rhyme about the gunman who comes to their school and opens fire.

Danny dressed for school today.

Mitts on hands, hat on head.

Danny went to school today,

and a gunman shot him dead.

Fifty Shades of the Hunger Games by Author @hgracestewart

…featuring music by Sjean MacLeod (please check out his YouTube Channel of the same name!)

“I can shake my eyeballs back & forth really fast” Author @hgracestewart

I woke to find this phrase in my Twitter newsfeed. Not retweeted once, or twice, like I’m used to, but filling the entire newsfeed. People have been retweeting an interview I did for the wonderful site Celebrating Authors, with wonderful interviewer & author Carolyn Arnold (@Carolyn_Arnold) since it came out yesterday, and haven’t stopped yet. It’s pretty much all I see in my  @ twitter feed every few minutes. It makes me chuckle and smile. I told my almost-8-year-old daughter and she said, “People want to know about the POET. That’s why. They want to know funny things about you!”  I laughed. Well, now, certainly, all of Twitter does! :)

Here’s the interview  and thanks again to Carolyn for inviting me to Celebrating Authors!

I wanted to remind you all that I’m a featured author this month on and very happy to sign your digital books (you’ll get a PDF for your ipad and other signatures go directly to your Kindle and other e-devices! It’s really simple and very cool. )


Another thing about me? I love wearing heels!
Another thing about me? I love wearing heels!

On Days Like This (Live Performance with Sjean MacLeod)

Heather performs “On Days Like This” from Carry On Dancing, accompanied by musician Sjean MacLeod

Top Ten Moments @ My Chapters Bookstore Signing

10 Sold lots of books!

9 Met lots of new readers!

8  Met someone who definitely wants to come to Herb’s Café for my reading Sat. April 20th. So much so, in fact, he took the 8×10 poster with him. Oops!

7 Two tweens bought Three Spaces. Poetry lives on in the younger generations!

6 Several children listened to me read for 15 minutes and I never saw them squirming or playing with the housewares stuff once!

5 Someone came up to me to ask if I worked there!, and when I said I was a visiting poet she said “Oh, wow, I love poetry!”  (you don’t hear that too often)

4 Several dear friends, neighbours, and a dear old friend from my Harrowsmith magazine days (I hadn’t seen her in years!) visited and hung out with me a long time as I signed books etc.

3 One of my readers bought me a latte!

2 My daughter wore a very similar lace top, purple vest, and black leggings, because

she “Wanted to be just like” me.

and the #1 Moment…

Chapters put out decorations on the table and a beautiful pillow and wicker

chair for me. My 7-year-old daughter took one look and said,

“Hey, last year you just got the empty desk. Maybe you’re a little bit more

important than last year!”  (Me: ha! But I certainly was comfortable!)

Thanks to the League of Canadian Poets and Chapters Pointe Claire for your wonderful support, and to everyone who came out for making the launch of Three Spaces such a success!

IMG_1412Reading from Three SpacesOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Winterland Tea

Winterland Tea by HGS