Praise for Strangely, Incredibly Good

SIG reviews 3

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The Lockdown Nursery Rhyme

My most recent work is a romantic comedy novel – but in light of recent news, I feel the need to share this sombre opinion piece today, from my collection Three Spaces (2013). Feel free to share it.***Danny got dressed for school today;Danny didn’t come back,because of one gunman’smass attack. Should we start teaching our […]

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“I can shake my eyeballs back & forth really fast” Author @hgracestewart

I woke to find this phrase in my Twitter newsfeed. Not retweeted once, or twice, like I’m used to, but filling the entire newsfeed. People have been retweeting an interview I did for the wonderful site Celebrating Authors, with wonderful interviewer & author Carolyn Arnold (@Carolyn_Arnold) since it came out yesterday, and haven’t stopped yet. […]

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On Days Like This (Live Performance with Sjean MacLeod)

Heather performs “On Days Like This” from Carry On Dancing, accompanied by musician Sjean MacLeod

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Winterland Tea

Winterland Tea by HGS

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