Another 5 Star Review for The Friends I’ve Never Met!

I love waking up to surprises. Some of my favourites: Snow on the ground. My daughter leaving a crayoned card at my bedside table. Hubby and her made breakfast in bed. AND FIVE STAR REVIEWS LIKE THIS ONE!

Thanks to author Lisa Justus for such a well-written review that will hopefully make more people want to read this story.

You can read Lisa’s review here and follow her links to buy the book on Amazon. It’s also available on the Nook, Kobo, iBooks, Sony reader and at Smashwords in epub format.

2013-11-28 11.25.01_2This is me, keeping on going until I am stopped! What, you think a tree is going to stop me? :)

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The Story Of A Traveling Screenplay (Please Share!)

The Story Of A Traveling Screenplay (Please Share!)

The Friends I’ve Never Met has traveled.

It has traveled around in Aaron Sorkin’s (The West Wing, The Social Network) script bag and been referred to his agency, been given constructive criticism (which I gratefully used) by the creator of King Of Queen’s, and has been accidentally left in an airport by Tom Cavanagh (Ed), but he did scribble more constructive criticism in the margins! (which I gratefully used).

It has been read, referred & praised by the kind and generous Mark Feuerstein and the beautiful and talented Forbes Riley But thanks to YOU it has traveled the farthest, WAY UP to #28 in Women’s Fiction>Action and Adventure!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share the link, buy, review, star rate, and help KEEP ‘THE FRIENDS I’VE NEVER MET’ TRAVELING UPWARDS!

I’ve come this far – why quit now?

Thanks for your help!
P.S. You do not need a Kindle, has free Kindle reading software for your computer!

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Making Space for Accessible Poetry

February 15, 2013 Canadian Poet Heather Grace Stewart launches her fourth poetry collection, Three Spaces Three Spaces is a ‘brave new collection’ of poetry, prose and photography from Amazon and iBooks Canada bestselling-poet and journalist Heather Grace Stewart.  It examines themes within three spaces of our society: public space, personal space, and cyberspace. “I wanted […]

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Thank You Canada!

I’m starting to think hard work DOES eventually pay off. Today, Where the Butterflies Go hit #1 on Kindle > Poetry on, and Carry On Dancing hit #2! The books are also doing well in ‘Books’ (paperback) – currently #23 and 24 in Canadian Poetry. The Friends I’ve Never Met hit a high of […]

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Taking the LEAP

American writer and poet Jamie Dedes, a former columnist and features writer, reviewed ‘Leap’ today in her Saturday Review series. I’m thrilled with her well-written, informative review (and tickled she’d put Anne Murray, k.d. lang, and Mark Vonnegut in the same sentence as my name) and wanted to share parts of it with my readers […]

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