November’s Sky

November's Sky

November’s Sky

Meet me under November’s sky,
Where you and I are free to fly;
Where time and place do not exist;
Meet me here; do not ask why.

No rules, routines, and not one list,
Just you and I; a gentle breeze;
We’ll walk the woods where we first kissed.
No where to be; no one to please.

We’ll reminisce; we’ll laugh with ease,
You’ll say I still have days like these.
So say farewell, love of my life.
But kiss me here, beneath the trees.

Meet me under November’s sky,
Where you and I are free to fly;
Where you and I age like fine wine.
Meet me here. One last time.

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Find the Fun

Find the Fun

Find the fun today. Inspire yourself. Inspire someone else. Read a paperback book. Review a paperback book! Try something you’ve never tried before, just because you’ve never tried it. Call – don’t text – a friend. Raise a glass to a friend who’s passed away. Sing in the car at stop lights; smile and wave at the drivers beside you. Today is a gift that you’ll never get to open again. Find the fun.

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Waving Goodbye

Last weekend, we noticed the ‘boy’ who lives across the street moving a sofa onto a truck. We heard mutterings about college, and I watched his Mom standing on their front porch, waving goodbye, patio door slamming behind her as she walked inside the house alone. I did a double take. Wasn’t this ‘boy’ only […]

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Advice to my Daughter

There are a whole lot of things I don’t know, but I think I’ve figured out a few things in my 41 years, and I feel like sharing them with you. I’ve lost four friends who were in their 40’s when they died (one was a 39 year old mother of three) and not one […]

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I Believe

I Believe

I believe in being yourself. I believe in laughing hard and playing harder, and that the true measure of success isn’t the amount of money in your bank account, but the number of hearts you’ve touched in your own unique way. I believe puddles are meant for jumping in, ice cream should always have sprinkles on top, or at the very least hot fudge, and that small talk with people most people think of as small – or don’t even think about at all – can change their world more than you’ll ever know. I believe our world is a good and beautiful place that could be better if we all slowed down just a little and remembered where we came from, where we want to go ~ and to breathe. I believe every woman deserves a chance to pursue their passion, a friend who won’t ever let her down, and a dress that makes her feel like Marilyn Monroe on a windy day.

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Writing Obstacles For Parents

Are you a writer? Then you’ve likely spent a lot of time reading about the real obstacles to getting published, marketing, and succeeding at selling many copies of your book. Hopefully, those articles provide lots of tips on how to get the job done. This isn’t that article. I’ve only got so much energy, I’m […]

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The Places That Knew You


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