Dead People’s Avatars

Dead People’s Avatars I said I never would But I just wrote on a dead man’s Facebook Wall. We’re all going to do it some time. It’s inevitable now. Dead people’s avatars floating around cyberspace their LinkedIn profiles asking you to join them for a business venture, their lively smiles begging you to Invite them […]

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The Day You Looked Me In The Eyes

from the collection Three Spaces The Day You Looked Me in the Eyes   I was walking and texting, looking down, People talking on smart phones. Heading to opposite sides of town, A polluted sea of white, black, brown drones carrying plastic clones.   Suddenly, our worlds collided. We stopped buying into lies. At first, […]

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Making Space for Accessible Poetry

February 15, 2013 Canadian Poet Heather Grace Stewart launches her fourth poetry collection, Three Spaces Three Spaces is a ‘brave new collection’ of poetry, prose and photography from Amazon and iBooks Canada bestselling-poet and journalist Heather Grace Stewart.  It examines themes within three spaces of our society: public space, personal space, and cyberspace. “I wanted […]

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