Funny Romances to Warm Your Heart

Heather Grace Stewart is an author, journalist and poet who writes fast-paced, touching and humorous romances. She is the author of 19 published works including two Amazon Bestsellers. Her magazine articles and poems have appeared in numerous international publications, anthologies and textbooks. Her 2022 Instagram vidcast Grace Period features intriguing writers of all kinds and the wonderful people who help writers like her.

Heather’s sixth book in the Love Again Series of contemporary romantic comedies, Lucky, is available for pre-order on Kindle worldwide! Readers of Lauren from Last Night will be thrilled to hear from Lauren and Sam again, and they’ll also be introduced to some loveable, quirky new characters living in Edwin Cove and Sunset Ridge. Preorder LUCKY here.

“It’s a page turner, and I didn’t come up for air until I’d read the last word.” Author Cassidy Reyne

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Other Recent Releases:

Stargazing: New Poems

STARGAZING by Canadian poet and novelist Heather Grace Stewart

“★★★★★ Heather Grace Stewart is a treasure…There were several lines that clung to my bones and will for some time.”

Nicholas Trandahl, American poet, author of Pulling Words, Good Brave People and seven other works.

“And now for something completely different: Post-pandemic poetry. Fed up as we are with being pent-up, this collection of short and very readable verse is like a visit from a rosier future. Heather Grace Stewart’s poems are two fifths whimsy, one part Joni Mitchell, a dash of journalism and finally, an escape hatch that whisks the reader out the door and under the stars.”

Peter Carter, Canadian journalist, former editor of Harrowsmith magazine and Chatelaine columnist.

From the author of Where the Butterflies Go, Leap and Caged comes Stargazing, a timely collection of word confections to soothe your soul. Written and compiled in lockdown during the global pandemic of 2020, this collection of non-rhyming modern poems, formal verse ( Villanelle, haiku, quintain verse) and photographs is divided into the sections Strolling, Scrolling and Stargazing. Proceeds go to Because I Am A Girl /Plan Canada. Every day millions of girls around the world are denied their basic human rights simply because they are girls. Because I Am A Girl is an initiative to help girls reach their full potential.

The Ticket: Édition Française

Traduction par Melody Portelette

‘C’est hilarant’

Goodreads Reviewer

The Ticket

“★★★★★ Heather Grace Stewart est une auteure à suivre.” QL Magazine

“★★★★★ Heather Grace Stewart est l’une de mes nouvelles auteures préférées, et je lis énormément!” Goodreads Reviewer

“C’est hilarant.” Goodreads Reviewer

“Le concept de cette histoire est assez unique.” Goodreads Reviewer

“Plein d’esprit, charmant, divertissant et bien écrit.” Goodreads Reviewer

Inspiré d’une histoire vraie.

Voyageriez-vous à travers le monde avec un parfait inconnu? Attachez vos ceintures pour un voyage émouvant plein d’humour et d’aventures. Célibataire et présentateur télé, Pete McCarney achète deux billets d’avion pour faire le tour du monde avec sa petite amie, mais ils se séparent peu avant le départ et il ne peut obtenir de remboursement. Dans un téméraire élan de dernière minute, Pete se rend sur les réseaux sociaux pour proposer aux femmes portant le nom exact de son ex-petite-amie de voyager avec lui. Vingt et une femmes y répondent et le processus de sélection qui s’en suit est à la fois bizarre et hilarant. Quand il choisit finalement une avocate fougueuse, entêtée et récemment divorcée, il n’a aucune idée de ce à quoi s’attendre de leurs aventures à travers le monde – et Allie James non plus. Elle qui a pratiquement renoncé aux hommes depuis son divorce. L’un d’eux aura-t-il les vacances qu’il espérait tant? Lisez The Ticket et voyagez autour du monde avec Pete et Allie pour le découvrir.

Ce qu’en disent les lecteurs:

“A mourir de rire!”

“Le livre le plus agréable que j’ai lu depuis longtemps.”

 “Encore un slam-dunk de la part d’Heather Grace Stewart.”

Contient des thèmes et un langage pour adultes


Lauren from Last Night

How far would you go to find someone you met in a bar? When Sam meets Lauren in an off-campus basement bar, sparks fly, but when he tries her number the next day, he learns she’s given him the wrong digits. Instead of feeling slighted, he has faith it’s an honest mistake, and worries she’ll think he’s “that guy” if he doesn’t call. Without her last name or residence floor, he tries the university’s email system, and mass-emails all 246 women named Lauren in hopes of finding the right one. The women bond in same-name solidarity, forming a Facebook group called Lauren from Last Night. When the story goes viral, the women promise to protect Lauren from “stalkerish” Sam, but they might be keeping her from the love of her life. “The Laurens” aren’t the only obstacles in love’s way. Sam and Lauren are both trying to escape their heartbreaking, tragic past. Is love strong enough to lift us from the pain and prejudices that weigh us down? Read Sam and Lauren’s page-turning story to find out.

Available on Kindle Unlimited, Kindle and in paperback in most countries. Also in audiobook format by Dreamscape Media where audiobooks are sold.

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