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Spring walk

purple crocus buds
rise from their
winter beds;

spotted ladybugs
dance upon
our window panes;

one small hand
holds my hand;
holds my heart.

Photo: Spring Awakening by Heather Grace Stewart

8 thoughts on “Spring walk

  1. I never noticed Tony and Patrick’s “debate” over my haiku or almost-haiku until today, October 24, I guess sometimes it’s hard to keep up with this blog. Just the fact that I got you two debating what kind of poem this is on line, that just tickles me. You know, having the opportunity to read talented poetry critics’ (who also happen to be talented poets themselves) debates over the intentions (meanings) behind my poems and what genre of poetry they actually fall into while I’m still ALIVE –now, that’s rare! I can’t believe I hesitated at first when someone suggested I start a poetry blog.
    Best wishes always, thanks for reading, and debating!


  2. Let’s agree either way that ‘Spring Walk’ is great – its delicacy and brevity (being the soul of wit) heighten its effectiveness. I can just about smell those flowers🙂


  3. Sorry to come the haiku expert;-), but I would say these are in fact linked haiku, and very good ones at that. The 3 separate ‘stanzas’ all have haiku elements – there is no reason why this could not be described as a haiku sequence IMHO. The lovely simplicity of the descriptions, and the telling final line go to make this a memorable and moving poem or group of poems – I would very much like to see one of your photo-images accompanying this work, altho’ I think in some ways the word-pictures that you paint are strong enough not to need illustration.


    1. Hi Tony,

      That’s an interesting comment. I would be a little more hesitant to call these haiku. The element of linkage is missing in each of them (individually)- but if Heather were interested in pursuing the idea, I don’t think it would take much tweaking.


  4. One could make a haiku out of this.

    We had a few too many dancing ladybugs one year… I had to take all the screens out! But I’ve always liked them.

    I loved seeing my own girls (two 8 years olds and a five year old) on our first warm spring day. Suddenly they didn’t have *five pounds* of winter clothes on. They played like they were going to float away!


    1. Thanks. I know I could, it’s almost a haiku isn’t it? I just went with the form it came in. I hate being handcuffed to form. I enjoyed doing the Villanelle (Autumn Will) because I’d decided that was what I was going to do. I’m not stubborn or anything😉


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