Three Poems by our Four-year-old

This month, I’ve been putting the finishing touches on my next collection, Leap, due out March 2010 and available here, where you can also find my other collection, Where the Butterflies Go. I’ve been incredibly busy with three other writing projects, so what better time to introduce a guest poet to my blog? Our daughter Kayla often speaks in poems–at least I think so. I’ve copied down a few of the sentences she said this week. This will be her first time being published and she’s very excited!
I copied her phrases word-for-word, but titled two of the poems myself (with her approval). “Suppertime Astronomy” came to her while she was eating supper. She got up from the table, peeked out the window, and said exactly this. “Spring Festival” is what she told me her painting above was called, and so when I asked her to write a poem called Spring Festival, she came up with those three lines.

Introducing, for the first time ever, the art and poetry of Kayla Mae Stewart!

Suppertime Astronomy

The man on the moon
is fishing for stars
and playing the piano

On Thunder

I think the Earth is mad at me
because I put the cat
inside the Barbie camper.

Spring Festival

There’s honey inside flowers;
The bees and butterflies spread it.
That’s just how it is.

Painting: 'Spring Festival' by Kayla Mae Stewart, age 4

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  1. I absolutely love everything about our wide and open creative sphere and what a joy!!! to see that a child with such pure spirit can embrace that!! You are so blessed! I’m a mother of a beautiful four year old and my little angel LOVES the arts in every form and wonder!! I’m from South Africa and and my first cookbook for kids are in the making. My daughter was such an inspiration to this!

  2. On Thunder, DEF the best!

  3. Kayla, your poetry is charming and wise.

    I am intrigued to think very young children can write poetry….why not? I used a poetry writing exercise in an English class here is Brazil but the children were older. Their poems where thought provoking and unexpected.

    The other “lesson” here is to watch for poetry in prose. Two months ago, a friend took an email I had sent her and laid it out like a poem. It was the first time I had ever considerd writing poetry. I have since opened a blog and write poetry every day! What a gift my friend gave me. Now I see poetry and great photos everywhere (another interest of mine). Our creative efforts are a way of connecting with Source and help us see the wonder and beauty of our world!

    1. You’re my first Brazilian visitor to comment (I think) and thanks so much for being the 11th to sign my new guest book, Pat (11 is my favourite number). I do think you owe that friend dinner! Poetry is everywhere, and its not a dying art–it’s a changing art form. We just need to be open enough to watch for it and to change with it. Thanks so much for your visits.
      P.S. “Butterfly House” could be the title of my next collection–I just love that!

  4. These are amazing Kayla, keep it up! This was a great way to start my morning, reading all this wonderful stuff by an aspiring poet!

  5. chip off the ‘ol block. They’re beautiful!!

  6. I’m going to be smiling all day. H. Nice job K!

  7. Kayla, congratulations, these are great. 🙂 You have a knack for imagery, which is one of the core ingredients of a good poem. I can’t decide which is my favourite, they’re all great. (I’m sure the Earth has forgiven you by now.)

    Heather – i hope Kayla knows what ‘imagery’ means or you’re good at explaining. 😉

  8. P.S. I quite like the poems. And I agree with the other comments. 🙂

    1. Joanne Carnegie, you are a hoot, I really appreciate *all* your comments and hope to see you soon! 🙂

  9. On the other hand, perhaps I jumped to a conclusion. Maybe it was Barbie who caused the thunder — sweet face, temper like a banshee. Watch out, Kenny boy!

  10. Wonderful!

    I love how you find poetry everywhere, HGS, it reminds me to listen out for it more too.

    1. Thanks so much, funny, I write it to remember to keep on looking. Don’t want to miss a moment. 😉

  11. I did not know that thunder was caused by pissed-off cats. Uh-oh.

  12. Cute! Kayla appears to have great potential. Like mother, like daughter!

  13. What a wonderful post! I am an aspiring writer and enjoy finding others who appreciate the art of writing. Thank you for posting the delightful poems your daughter wrote! Children are such a blessing from the Lord. I pray that God will bless you and your family continually.


  14. Lol. Those are better then some of mine.

    1. Yeah, she’s better than me most days at most things! 😉

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