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Ready, Set, Leap!

Leap, my latest collection of poetry and photographs, will be available for sale (print or download) in March 2010. Just like with my last collection, half the proceeds from sales will go to Unicef’s Gift of Education project to help give a child (or, hopefully, several children) the educations they wouldn’t otherwise receive. Donations to this project also help fund a teacher’s salary for a year. Please order an autographed copy now by writing me at to arrange for an inscription and shipping to your home.

Scroll down for a link below, where you can join my blog network on Facebook, and/or search my full name and “Canadian Poet” on Facebook to join my Facebook group. Thanks so much for your interest in my work.

“Sometimes, you just have to take the leap, and build your wings on the way down.” —Author Kobi Yamada

'Leap'--poetry and photography by Heather Grace Stewart

One thought on “Ready, Set, Leap!

  1. Heather Grace Stewart writes with a sense of humanity that is beyond beautiful. She writes about things that tear at your heart and make you cry like a baby and the she turns around and writes about things that make you burst out laughing like a fool. She really knows how to touch her reader’s heart.


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