‘By Leaps and Bounds’ Photo Contest

I’d love to know more about my readers –where you live, where you’ve leapt, where you’ve leapt with ‘Leap’! Here’s hoping we all have
some fun with this three-month-long photo contest.


1) Take a photo of ‘Leap’ somewhere in your home, town, or city, or someplace special you’ve traveled to–it can be as close-up as against an old tree in your backyard, or as far-away as a wide-angle of Times Square, with ‘Leap’ somewhere on the sidewalk. We just need to be able to see the book ‘Leap,’ and you need to be creative. You don’t need to be in the photo, if you’re not comfortable with that, since all entries will be published here on my blog and on my Facebook Author Page too, however, you need to think outside the box with this. You need to Leap!

2) E-mail the photo to me at writer@hgrace.com, and include the place where it was taken and the photographer’s name, so I can give the photo a credit, and get the entrant’s name. If you don’t want to use your real name on the Net, give me a pseudonym to use as the credit, that’s fine. As long as I have your e-mail to contact you if you’re the winner, it’s great.

3) Visit here as often as you can to check out and discuss the competition! Then visit my Facebook Author Page to VOTE. Every thumbs-up on that Facebook Author Page is a vote. Every positive comment or a comment with simply the word ‘VOTE’ is another vote. You may vote on your own photo. You may comment on your own photo as many times as you want –however, your vote in the comments section only counts once. You can also convince all your friends and family to join my Author Page and vote on your photo, too. They can give it a thumbs up AND make a comment (or simply the word ‘VOTE’) and that counts as 2 votes. Everyone can vote on as many photos as they wish! I will not be allowed to vote on the photographs on Facebook but I might comment on some –any comments from me under the photos will not count as votes, however.

4) You may enter up to two photographs.

5) Contest begins Wednesday, April 28th and ends Sunday, August 1st at noon. The winner will be announced some time that week.

6) Should there be a tie in the peer-voting on Facebook, I have chosen three impartial judges who, together, will choose a winner.

7) The winner will receive a very fine bottle of red wine and boxes of dark chocolate, or, if they don’t drink wine, a cheesecake delivered to their door. (Yes, this can be done, some wonderful people have done it for me, and I’ll never forget it, and want to spread the joy!) Wine, chocolate, cake–these are the finer things in life, and I want to share them with my readers, as a way of thanking you for reading and sharing my poems.


Heather Grace Stewart- Canadian Poet (for Facebook Search)


By Kimberly Jurado

Photo by Kimberly Jurado

“Leapt into one of my favorite village home decor shops today for some spring cleaning inspiration!” April 2010

16 responses to “‘By Leaps and Bounds’ Photo Contest”

  1. LOVE this idea, Heather!!! I’m working on it and am having so much fun!! Will be sending in my entry soon:)

  2. gotta sweep those cats furballs before taking any pics around the home!…sounds fun! πŸ˜€

    • Hope you’ll participate–you seem the adventurous type, why not forget about cleaning and instead hike to the top of Golden Ears or somewhere else in B.C. ?!! πŸ˜‰

  3. Need to put my thinking cap on for this…and get ready to Leap! I will have fun for sure πŸ™‚

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