Chicken Soup for the Poetry Lover’s Soul

‘Leap’ reader Kimberly Jurado writes:  “Sitting at the kitchen table, babying my cold, I leapt for my camera, and made a photo op out of the situation. I titled this photo, “Chicken Soup for the Poetry Lover’s Soul.”  Your readers may also know this as Chicken Soup for the “Poultry” Lover’s Soul!”

Thanks for this second entry to my ‘By Leaps and Bounds Photo Contest,’ Kimberly! Please go vote for this photo on my Facebook Author Page

Want to enter? Read this blog entry here for all the rules: By Leaps and Bounds Photo Contest

Photo Kimberly Jurado, April 30, 2010.

14 responses to “Chicken Soup for the Poetry Lover’s Soul”

    • I’d rather call how I help other poets as an encourager rather than a critic–let’s see…
      ‘brow furrowed’ does kind of jump out at you there. Hope I don’t mess with
      your intentions here, but how about, “Chained to a post on the side of the road:
      Piles of limp limbs confined by roses; Faces marked like mistakes, brows furrowed;
      beneath that tape were human noses.” The rhythm is a little off -I whipped
      this off fast –but maybe you can work with that. Set it aside and go through the whole poem
      again in a day or so. That always works for me.

  1. Julia,
    Thanks! It’s wild to see where my visitors come from, too –from as far from me as Perth, Australia and from places I can only dream of one day visiting, like Egypt, Turkey, Italy, and Germany.

    Even if they only stay a minute (although I absolutely love it when I find out they’ve stayed more than 10) I’m thrilled to have had them drop by Where the Butterflies Go…it makes me believe that maybe poetry will always survive, in one form or another.


    • being an established (and amazing!) poet, could you critique one of my broken sonnets?

      Chained to a post on the side of the road,
      Laid piles of limp limbs confined by roses,
      Tape on faces like red pen, brow furrowed,
      I saw beneath the tape were pale noses.
      All were the same, mouth sealed with a tape X,
      X on each eye, and stuffed into ears,
      Signs reading “freedom” hanging ’round their necks,
      And people passing shouting stockade jeers.
      “See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no
      Evil” the billboard above the scene read.
      “I refuse!” I called to the ‘holy’ trio.
      And I asked the world:

      • Hi Carol. First off, I absolutely love what I do. Second, I give my best–so yes, I hope it’s great content. Third, I always use tags. Fourth, I reply to everyone who comments. Fifth,
        I try to engage the readers with questions or events like contests. It’s not like I’m a best-seller or anything. I’m just having a lot of fun, and my readers seem to
        pick up on that energy. Hope you’ll come back! Thanks for your visit.

  2. you commented on the article about how to get featured on freshly pressed that you were about to celebrate 30,000 hits. congratulations! that’s insane! my political blog only has 912. wow! congrats!

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