Leaping at the Lake

I’ve always believed that art inspires art, and here’s a beautiful example of that. These two photos, the latest entries for my By Leaps and Bounds Photo Contest, were taken by artist Tracey Riddell-Ireland at Bennett Lake, Ontario. “I once said that I found your work to be inspirational,” she writes. “These two photos represent that inner inspiration. Drawing is something that I always loved to do, and your poems have inspired me to create something that I didn’t know I could create until it was finished.”

Tracey, you inspire ME. Thank you so much for the beautiful drawing and your two entries. I’m so touched. I’m loving every minute of this contest. It has taken me and all of you on paths I never imagined!

Rules for the contest are posted here. Please don’t forget to vote for your favorite photos on my Facebook Author page!

'Inspired' by Tracey Riddell-Ireland
'Leaping by the Lake' by Tracey Riddell-Ireland

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  2. amazing!

  3. nice sketch, that is awesome!

  4. How wonderful!

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