Poetry Rocks!

The latest entry for my “By Leaps and Bounds Photo Contest” is titled “Poetry Rocks!” It was taken May 29th at Curl Curl Beach, Sydney, Australia, by Meg Laufer.

Writes Meg, “My friend Mel was engrossed in the poetry, and I was busy with the photography. Suddenly, we both looked up and realised how close the huge waves were to
the ‘dry spot’ where we’d left our bags. Some squealing, scrambling and much laughing ensued.”

Thanks for your efforts ladies! I love that you two would take such a  leap for this contest, and that I’ve made a new reader friend in Mel out of this your photo shoot. In the future, contestants, let’s try to stay dry, or if not dry, at least no broken bones or hospital visits, okay? Think: “Leap –with a Life Jacket” like the cover! (Unless you’re planning on sky-diving with the book, in which case, must admit I’d love to see that, so, Leap, with a parachute!)

That said, I am thrilled with all of these original, fun entries, and really do encourage you to keep thinking outside the box. Can’t wait to see what else you wonderful readers come up with. Never stop leaping!

Rules for this contest are posted here in this previous blog entry. Please don’t forget to vote on your favorite entry so far here at my Facebook group.

'Poetry Rocks!' by Meg Laufer, Sydney, Australia

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