To Wii Or Not To Wii

Beyond the Picket Fence: "To Wii or Not To Wii" copyright HGS 2010

2 responses to “To Wii Or Not To Wii”

  1. I love it Heather, I very nearly started a cartoon today but I’m still trying to finish my last abstract….it’s not going too well, I feel stuck. I might just follow your lead.
    Yes…. To cartoon or not to cartoon?…I think I’ve answered my question….lol
    Thanks for your inspiration, my friend.
    Love and hugs, Lisa. xx 🙂

    1. I just try to go with whatever is working artistically for me–lately it’s very visual–photos and these cartoons.
      I’m just taking a poetry rest, it’s gurgling on the back burner, and working on a proposal for another
      children’s book. You just need to do what feels right. Don’t pressure yourself. The best stuff just comes
      naturally. Thanks for reading!

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