from the collection, “Leap”

She misses perfumed postcards,
snail mail letters;
conversations in cafés
without the words,
“hang on, I have to get this call.”

She misses eye contact:
knowing gazes and
flirty glances
that overpower
the urge to send an SMS
or answer the sound
of someone somewhere
logging into chat.

She texts and types
Tweets and Skypes,

then sleeps outside
where stars and
fireflies decorate the
infinite darkness.

"Poet's Notebook" copyright 2010 HGS


  1. Steve Isaak says:

    Good flow, images, work – effective stuff, with an effective-shift finish.


  2. signed .............bkm says:

    wonderful thoughtful piece on today’s communication…thank goodness for night and fireflies…bkm


  3. Shashi says:

    Dear Heather

    The pitfalls of technology … I miss handwritten letters too..

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay


  4. A.B. Thomas says:

    A perfect read – the images, the sadnees of the advance, fantastic, or should I say Tres bon! I have to say it was also a pleasure to see another Canadian – in my blog travels it would seem the nation is a wee bit on the quiet front..


  5. tolbert says:

    I love the picture drawn within the ending of ‘Progress’…so simple and yet so grand in its horizons! Beautifully done.

    then sleeps outside
    where stars and
    fireflies decorate the
    infinite darkness.


  6. Eric says:

    I like the duality of this piece, Heather. I try to find balance between real life and all the distractions that take me away from it (sometimes too much), so I can relate to this. Nice One Shot!

    P.S. – My sister is named Heather too!


  7. gospelwriter says:

    I miss those things too, wish technology weren’t quite so intrusive… one has to get away from it or go mad. Lovely poem.


  8. I’ve posted this to be part of the One Shot Wednesday poetry round up at the excellent site


  9. Tony L-J says:

    Well H u know I like this one, and such a great photo -I have a tanka from a couple of years just like the subject of this photo – as u say, art inspires art, does it not 😉 It’s a good poem too – I particularly like the last stanza, very evocative, and really brings home the sense of being in a big country.


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