A Few of My Favourite Things: Crosby & Bowie

When you put the voices of Bing Crosby and David Bowie together with the beauty of Peace on Earth and Little Drummer Boy, something magical happens.

I only like Christmas carols for about two weeks a year, and then I get sick of them. But this song–this one I could play all year long. It calms me, and gives me hope.

You can buy the song on itunes. Go ahead, if you know the words. Hum it out loud. Come on, no one’s really listening. It’ll make you feel calm and peaceful, too. Pa rum pa pum pum…“I pray my wish will come true, for your child and my child too…”

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  1. the wife and i were out on the porch having a late night smoke a couple nights ago and i started singing little drummer boy and she immediately came in with the Peace on Earth part. it was a lovely moment. we laughed!

  2. I remember that show…so old. Nat King Cole’s a Christmas Song album has a song called “A cradle in Bethlehem” that is one of my favorites.
    happy holidays to you and your loved ones.

    • Thanks, I just love it too, but I’ll have to take down the link, I researched and thought it was okay to share music among WordPress peers (share, not sell) but hubby just told me nope. Here I am an artist, I believe in copyright laws, but I’m totally confused about how we can share videos and music. I guess, not, until it’s more clear.

  3. Great minds think alike! I recently read that when Bowie showed up for the rehearsal and was told his duet with Crosby would be “The Little Drummer Boy” he said “I hate that song-can we sing something else?” A question no one was prepared for and no one wanted to ask Bing Crosby(who,on his best day, did not have the sunniest of dispositions)to change up. The crew wrote “Peace on Earth” music and lyrics for Bowie in about an hour and the first rehearsal took place 75mins before the live broadcast. I was old enough at that time and remember thinking what a strange pairing that was but now it’s one of my favorite pieces. It always makes me feel hopeful. If those polar opposites can come together on this piece of beautiful music then it seems anything is possible. Thanks for sharing it. Peace.

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