A Few of My Favourite Things: Breakfast for Dinner

Sometimes my favourite thing to do–while not the easiest thing to do–is letting go of my Superwoman complex. I can’t do it all; I can’t be all things to all people. I’m only now learning to admit and accept that.

I do like to cook, but not when I have to cook. Breakfast for dinner–waffles with blueberries or french toast with strawberries–is a fun change, and always comforting after a long day. My daughter never complains, and it’s the easiest thing to cook.

I usually make fluffy, Belgian waffles from scratch in our waffle maker, but one day last week I was having a particularly busy day, so I took the easy way out and made toaster waffles with blueberries on top. Decaf lattes for the grown ups, and ice cream with sprinkles for our daughter, and everyone was happy.

Go ahead. Pass the maple syrup, and tell your inner Superwoman to go take a hike!

Waffles a la HGS–a real delicacy 😉

9 responses to “A Few of My Favourite Things: Breakfast for Dinner”

  1. Yes, Meg is right – it’s called Brinner.

    (Mentioned prominently on the TV show “Scrubs”)

  2. A friend of mine calls this (breakfast for dinner) brinner 🙂

  3. Dinner of Bacon and Eggs is not unheard of in our house.

  4. lol i agree with Michael 🙂 but i love bf for din! especially some biscuits and gravy! a southern thang 😉

    1. be still my country heart!

  5. For me, it’s the same with dinner-for-breakfast. Cold pizza at the weekend. Saves so much hassle & washing up!

    My Inner Toby can see off my inner Superwoman any day of the week 😉

    1. Hey Maureen,
      had to much cold pizza for breakfast in university, but I get what you mean.
      I need an Inner Toby today to beat this flu outta my body…ugh

      1. You should be taking something called euthanasia!

        Feel better soon x

  6. as a kid i remember breakfast for dinner being the coolest thing ever. it was the biggest treat.

    as an adult i now realize that breakfast for dinner meant:
    1. out of groceries
    2. too tired to grill


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