I’d Like To Thank the Academy

It’s very cool when award committees come to you. For awards you never even knew about, never even applied for. This has never happened to me before. It will probably never happen again. I am honored, grateful, and a little bemused. Does anyone use that word anymore? Well, I just did.
Here’s an excerpt from the letter I got yesterday:

Congratulations Heather!

Your blog, Where The Butterflies Go, has been selected to receive the First Class Blogger Award. Your blog was chosen by a committee of four bloggers who feel Where The Butterflies Go exemplifies what a great blog can be. It is our belief that first class blogs are more about the effort and time the owner puts into their blog and less about its page rank or the number of visitors it gets.

Your site will be listed on January 9, 2011 with three others.

Keep up the great work and congratulations again!

Thank you, First Class Blogger Award Committee. This was a really nice surprise.

Thanks to my readers for making me want to keep writing every day.



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  1. Maureen

    And here to present the award for First Class Blogger to Heather Grace Stewart are Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford!



  2. Pam Purtle

    Well, duh…

    Of course you are brilliant. Of course this blog is good. Sheesh!

    {{{sarcasm doesn’t always come through when you are writing, lol}}}

    They are right, though. A good blog can make you laugh and cry, sometimes over the same thing. I laugh reading about what your daughter says or does, but it brings to mind my own daughter at the same age. Hence the tears.

    Can’t wait for Jan 9.


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