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Caption This!

Don’t Blink—Day 7

Here’s your Friday giggle and a challenge: caption this photo with as G a comment as you can (This blog is linked to my children’s poetry site, I just want to keep things clean. Plus, it makes it more of a challenge). I can’t think of anything rated PG, let alone G.

If you can think of a poem, or a limerick, even better. Have fun with it!

I’ll start with the caption by our five-year-old:

“He looks like the Cheddar Cat on Alice in Wonderland.”

Edited to add:  I didn’t set this photo up. I found my cat Sam like this.

32 thoughts on “Caption This!

      1. I was going to tell Aaron the post with his name on it was beating the Rob Lowe poem–you know, help his ego a little since the Vampires cleaned up at the People’s Choice. But now a horny tabby cat is getting more hits than him. I think I’ll button it.


  1. The look on Sammy’s face says it all. “The indignities I must suffer the entertain that little blond girl and her mother…..”


  2. “You bought her a vibrating cat, that is wrong on so many levels”….are you taking that as my caption then?
    I suppose it will do for now….lol
    love ya. You are so funny. xx 🙂


  3. LMHO….Heather do you realise how hard it is to come up with a clean caption for that photo. I mean….just look at Sammy cats face. I think I will have to come back.
    Love you. xx 🙂


      1. My first thoughts were something from an old Bond film, then I though maybe a re-write of the owl and the pussycat….Now I’m puzzling around with Garfied.
        You’ve got all my thought loops going at once. I’ll probably not get anything now. It’s all too confusing.
        Oh well…lots of fun too.
        Giggle…xx 🙂


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