Caption This!

Don’t Blink—Day 7

Here’s your Friday giggle and a challenge: caption this photo with as G a comment as you can (This blog is linked to my children’s poetry site, I just want to keep things clean. Plus, it makes it more of a challenge). I can’t think of anything rated PG, let alone G.

If you can think of a poem, or a limerick, even better. Have fun with it!

I’ll start with the caption by our five-year-old:

“He looks like the Cheddar Cat on Alice in Wonderland.”

Edited to add:  I didn’t set this photo up. I found my cat Sam like this.


Add Yours
  1. Larry Leitner

    The look on Sammy’s face says it all. “The indignities I must suffer the entertain that little blond girl and her mother…..”


  2. alienhippy

    “You bought her a vibrating cat, that is wrong on so many levels”….are you taking that as my caption then?
    I suppose it will do for now….lol
    love ya. You are so funny. xx 🙂


  3. alienhippy

    LMHO….Heather do you realise how hard it is to come up with a clean caption for that photo. I mean….just look at Sammy cats face. I think I will have to come back.
    Love you. xx 🙂


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