Celebrate Poet of 2010 Award

I’d like to thank Jingle and everyone in her wonderful poetry community for voting for me and the other talented recipients of the Celebrate Poet of 2010 Award.

You can take a peek here to see this blog award and some other fun awards I’ve won lately.

Sometimes, I even add a pair of sparkly shoes I’m drooling over, just to make it less about the awards, because it all feels a little silly. I write because I love to do it and can’t imagine life without poetry! But thanks for reading and remembering my work.

And, sorry, I just can’t help myself here–please be extremely careful if you retype this post. A couple typos, and I’m the Celibate Poet of 2010.

5 responses to “Celebrate Poet of 2010 Award”

    1. Okay, this ended up in my spam filter, but I took pity on you, and allowed this one, because though you might be one of those bots, it just struck me as funny
      that you’re telling me you’re a celibate poet. thanks for the laugh, bot.

  1. Well done Heath.. celibate? I think not! 😀 xo

  2. well deserved award.
    Happy Saturday.

  3. Congratulations on the award. Don’t worry, I won’t mistype. No one deserves that.


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