A Few Kids Poems: Introducing Artist Kayla Stewart, 5

Did you guys know I write childrens’ poems? I love it. In fact, my first published book was a children’s e-book, Bubble Mud and Other Poems (available as a PDF file for anyone interested). The publisher no longer exists, and the rights to those poems have reverted to me. I’ve included some of the best of these poems in my children’s poetry manuscript, The Party In Your Lunchbox, and am in search of a publisher for this anthology of poems for preschoolers to 10 year olds.

In the mean time, I’d really like to share some of the poems from “The Party In Your Lunchbox” with you readers, and with my daughter, who asked me about the book the other day.

“Can I draw pictures for your book? I could do it! Let me do it!”

We spent this Saturday reading my poems out loud, with her brainstorming about how she could interpret them with her own illustrations. I thought she might create one drawing. She whipped off five.

I love it when stuff like that happens. Please visit A Children’s Poetry Place to see the first of the results, and leave a comment there if you do.

I may just have to hire my own kid to illustrate my book of kids poems… 😉

A Few Cat Poems by Heather Grace Stewart & Introducing Artist Kayla Stewart, 5.

'Cat Wants In From the Rain' copyright Kayla Stewart 2011, don't steal my kids picture or I'll beat you up.


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    • heather grace stewart

      Thank you! She tells me she looked at Sammy cat and drew him, yes. I had no idea, I was in the other room at the time. When I saw this, I decided I’d frame it, and then realized it’d go with my cat poems in the manuscript, she was so happy she offered to draw pictures for some of my other kids poems, and we were off! All in a day!


    • heather grace stewart

      The manuscript has been added to over 10 years. It’s phenomenal to me that I was just waiting for my little illustrator to come along. Honestly, never imagined it could be her! Just never thought of it–till yesterday. But she’s whipped off seven illustrations in less than 24 hours–all because she just “wants to” ! lol. Such fun. Thinking about self publishing it, but maybe one more round of sending to publishers–I honestly haven’t sent it to very many yet, I was always working on something else.


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