Messy Nat and Neat Nina

I like to dust;
I like to clean.
I love to make things
shimmer and glean.

My sister Nat is different;
she likes a good mess.
So sometimes I clean for her,
I confess.

Once I took her to the cleaners,
not her old coin Laundromat,
but they made a mistake,
and laundered Nat!

I came back the next day.
There she hung, with the clothes:
Spotless and pressed,
from her head to her toes.

Now we share the housework,
But Nat gets the clothes cleaned.
For we’ll never forget
that day she was steamed.

from the manuscript The Party In Your Lunchbox copyright Heather Grace Stewart, Art by Kayla Stewart, age 5. I’m trying to get a bit of traffic and knowledge about my new blog, “A Children’s Poetry Place,” could you please visit there, and tell others about it too? Thanks so much. Here’s the link:

Messy Nat and Neat Nina, with Art by Kayla Stewart, 5.

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    • Hey, thanks so much Steve. Spoke with an editor at a big publishing house today. She told me to send the manu but not to send the drawings. I guess my kid’ll have to find fame some other way…ha! 😉 I am still thinking of self publishing her work alongside mine, just for a kick you know?

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