Engaging Kids And Teens With Poetry

Giggle Poems by HGS, with Art by Kayla Stewart,5

Giggle Poems by HGS, with Art by Kayla Stewart,5.

Kayla has been drawing up a storm every day after school. “Mommy, can I illustrate another one of your kids poems?” she’ll say, the minute she’s in the door. We’re having a lot of fun with this project. I swear I don’t do any of the drawing (except in one case, with ‘The Groovy Granny,’ I helped her draw Granny’s ipod).

This is how it works: I read her one of my children’s poems out loud, and when it’s done, she’ll excitedly toss out ideas about what she wants to draw. I’ll encourage her and remind her of certain important elements in the poem.  That’s the extent of my hand in this! So far, all I’ve written on her masterpieces is the words “chair pose,” which she asked me to write. You don’t mess with talent like this!

I’ve posted a few over at A Children’s Poetry Place–please go take a look and share this with anyone you think would be interested in it…

Giggle Poems by HGS, with Art by Kayla Stewart,5.