Poet Alan Summers

Gendai haiku

first quarter moon
dancing pinheads burst
into new angel DNA

email to Canada

The moon is in its first quarter

this Japan morning

the day after


the long night
and longer day
even our broken moon
over the biggest wave
separates our love

Alan Summers is a Japan Times award-winning writer for haiku and renga: www.withwords.org.uk

He wrote me tonight:

“Many of my Japanese friends are safe, either home, or still walking back
home. One is even on the 20th storey of a big building because Japanese
buildings are so safe, but homes can’t compete. The wave was travelling
at 600mph.”

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9 responses to “Poet Alan Summers”

  1. I also highly recommend donating to the Salvation Army who have long been in Japan, and are currently doing marvellous work.

    As someone who heard of tasteless squabbling amongst international rescue charities during the Kashmir crisis, and had two Moslem friends go out there and help save literally tens of thousands of lives, I hope that the Western charities respect the Japanese culture which is also different from the West’s.

    There’ll be news of a book that is a project to raise money, with donations also going to the Red Cross, and to the Salvation Army.

    I might have little spare money, but it’s surprising how a writer can do some good too. 😉

    Alan, With Words

  2. It’s great that a brilliant and sensitive artist like Lady Gagal has set in motion something that millions of her fans will buy and donate money to Japan.

    As the death toll could easily go as high as ten thousand, and the repercussions for the ordinary decent people be with them for the rest of their lives, every little helps, just like this fantastic idea by Heather! 😉


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