Poet Kayla Stewart, age 5

I Believe

I believe
God is everything

everything soft
not hard

even the sun
and the rain

Kayla Mae Stewart is a five-year-old poet and artist. She lives in Quebec, Canada with her parents and two demanding cats.

Ed’s note:
Kayla doesn’t attend church, though she has gone to a couple Sunday school meetings with her cousins (and loved it). Don’t think I’ve talked about God much with her, only to say what I believe, that he watches over us, so this one blew me away. Yesterday, after school, Kayla was talking about how her teacher was saying sometimes things are real that you can’t see. I piped up “Maybe like God,” and she went on to say exactly what I transcribed above. She said it, and I wrote it down as a poem, to share with you.

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