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Poet Robert Smith (@rasmithii )

breathe goodbye

my hands touch her warm flesh
floating across her skin as if
guided by some unseen
the curves of her shoulders,
the flow of her waist
the softness of her

I am humbled by her body

Gathering strength
from the hole inside me
as I say, see you soon, babe,
leaving the room, with a sigh
the tubes are

the alarm sounds and together we breathe goodbye.


Robert Smith is a poet originally from Outside of Buffalo, NY, who lived in California, but now lives in Georgia. His Twitter page @rasmithii says he tweets his poems “from an airport near you.”

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4 thoughts on “Poet Robert Smith (@rasmithii )

    1. Robert Smith is one of my favorite living modern poets. His work takes my breath away. I’d
      like to say I’ve discovered him, but he is so quiet and modest, for all I know he has 10 collections
      out already. 😉


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