Poet Joe Hesch

La Luna Piena

Last night’s full moon,
resplendent in its frost-haloed glory,
shone like the brightest pearl,
perched on a phosphorescent-ringed
half-shell, like Botticelli’s Venus.
Or maybe like a silver stone
dropped into the
deepest-blue pool, and there
emitting concentric ripples
of gold, turquoise, and pink,
and a light beyond white,
casting shadows so dense
on the December snow,
I tripped over one.

Joe Hesch is a writer and poet from Albany, NY. Please give him a visit at his poetry blog, A Thing for Words at http://www.athingforwords-jahesch.blogspot.com/

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One response to “Poet Joe Hesch”

  1. Thoroughly enjoyable poem!

    Alan, With Words

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