Poet Kirsten Shaw

Bent to pray

Spring flowers
pause in silence
from their bloom
it’s not meant
to be like

On the news
they recount
a cost
worth more
than any
jackpot luck

The watching
close their
desperate eyes
heads not
turned but
bent to pray

Hoping it’s
not too late
for love
to change the
world we’re
dying of

Kirsten Shaw (@shawkirsten) is a UK poet. She works at a boarding school for children with learning difficulties/special educational needs, teaching and looking after the children who live at the school.
Visit her blog at Poems and their Stories http://kirstenshawpoetry.blogspot.com/

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2 responses to “Poet Kirsten Shaw”

  1. I spent my impressionable high school years in Japan and to this day the people and their customs fill my memories and awareness. I have first hand knowledge of the earthquakes there as well as how the people deal with disaster and cope with a silent resilient strength. I am not a poet, but these few lines say much about how I see the people of Japan.

    The terracing fields so tenderly wrought,
    Gone in an instant by a black tide of draught.
    They are now mired in salt and drowned in debris;
    but a country’s resiliency cries out:
    You’ll not best ME!


    1. Those were beautiful lines, thanks so much for sharing them with us.

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