Poet Robert Smith

Now it’s beautiful

Now it’s beautiful.

The snow drips from the heavens
in white large frozen tears of
the angels and i am hypnotized
like a man struck by just how
a woman walking can leave him

Now it’s beautiful.

Whereas before it was rainy
and gloomy, and the snow was
black and iced hard except for
the slush that was loose and ready
to give out under you no matter
how well you strut. But,

now it’s beautiful,

and i sit in the dark here in my
room. 15 stories from the ground
and the dripping tears dance
backlit by the lights of Times Square
and all i can think of is

now it’s beautiful.

Robert Smith is a poet originally from Outside of Buffalo, NY, who lived in California, but now lives in Georgia. His Twitter page @rasmithii says he tweets his poems “from an airport near you.”

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One response to “Poet Robert Smith”

  1. Fabulous poem. It contains that aspect of Japanness where sad is sad but it’s also beautiful amidst its pathos and poignancy aka wabi-sabi.

    Alan, With Words

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