Poet Robert Smith

untitled love poem

‘i have sat among those in love and watched it live
and die right before my eyes’ the old man said to me
my heart was crumbling with loss and here was the
old man talking to me in my moment of
‘full love is as rare as a full life. i lost mine
a long time ago.’ he told me.
‘how’s that?’
‘i lost her with my lies.’
‘you deceived her?’
‘and myself. i told her it was over, i told
her i no longer cared, that my mind and soul
were mixed up. haste makes such waste. i wish
i only knew then what i know now.’
‘what’s that?’
He ignored my question.
‘i let her go you know. painfully, sorrowfully.
i was depressed. i could have gotten her
i know i could have changed her mind.
i just didn’t try. i wasn’t thinking straight.
foolish man pride. i should have tried harder,
flowers, candy, love letters, all corny, but true.
i could have sang her a song, wrote her name
in the sky, told her that i lied. i lied when i said
it was over. i lied when i said i didn’t love her
no more. i lied when i said that she was the fool.
i know that it is the heart that makes the young man
such a fool. for if the young man truly loves with all
of his heart he will give whatever it takes,
and take whatever he gets, to achieve


Robert Smith is a poet originally from Outside of Buffalo, NY, who lived in California, but now lives in Georgia. His Twitter page @rasmithii says he tweets his poems “from an airport near you.”

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  1. Alan Summers

    I love this poem! The “what’s that?” that is never answered is a neat part of this narrative poem which also feels like a Verse Short Story at the same time.

    Alan, With Words


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