Poet Evelyn Adams

Somber Splash

On a new toy
Run film
Tsunami old news
We’ve seen it all

Water to the wheels
Water to the doors
Water to the second floors

Shock of water
Cars rushing
Warehouse next, floating

Shrink of water
We are small
The earth can get rid of us
Whenever it wants to…

Evelyn Adams is a poet living in Boston, USA. Read more of her poetry and prose at  her blog www.fillingahole.wordpress.com


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  1. RNobilityNotraEin

    How have you been?

    I love, I absolutely love coming to your site to read your prose, poetry if you will… Hope that you are doing fantastic and that all is beyond excellent for you my dear sweet friend………———————-;-) 😉 😉

    Rich A. Noble;-) 😉


  2. ram0ram

    dear and divine……a thoughtful human poem…..

    Understanding energy equation of atom we can understand God?. as energy equation of atom is zero? what is zero on earth?. the water……..calorie zero or neutral in character…….so with heat the water turns invisible…and eternal…. the soul part.. represented by right brain..that is why our body remains warm till soul is there…….with cold water turns into ice…….the visible..and non eternal…..the body part…..represented by left brain…..

    right hand …body
    left hand ….soul
    bring them together…
    mirror of God…
    minimum for 3 minutes
    like prayers…..
    balance of mind……
    mind to no mind…
    life = dance of zero
    love all…
    so simple

    Either people believe there is current or people do not believe there is current…. Knowing the current is religion ,……. knowing the use of current is science,……. Believing and not believing ……….both are philosophies……

    God is neutral and natural and maintains its level and whenever we disturb that balance…..water first splash .. with sound plash ….then lash….make ash of all obstructions …..so we should live in harmony with nature….

    love all…


  3. Steve Isaak

    Love the whole poem, but especially the last two lines – it’s what I’ve been saying for years about how we, mankind, are essentially fleas on a planetary dog (I don’t see “God’s” hand in everything – I see life’s everyday realities, and being honest, kind and effective: anything beyond that can be bonus stuff, if you let it be).


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