Poet Runaway Sentence

how to explain
by earth and water
to a child
who loves the earth
and the ocean?

as snow melts
and rains come down
water pools on streets
and seeps
in new england basements
during mud season?

slow water rising
not the same
as tidal waves crashing
no worries, little one
no earthquakes here
no walls of water here

find a way to teach
no worries
but to worry
no nightmares but care
words to action
truth to power

in facing the torrent
not to turn away.

marian of runaway sentence is an opinionated mom living in western Massachusetts who stresses the importance of using your words.


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4 responses to “Poet Runaway Sentence”

  1. heather, i’m so pleased to be a part of this, thank you.
    i made a contribution to the Red Cross.

    1. Thanks so much for contributing both ways, Marian! I loved your poem – it really hit home.

  2. So beautiful.
    “how to explain
    by earth and water
    to a child
    who loves the earth
    and the ocean?”
    love this, essential question.

  3. I love this one. It deserves to be shared far and wide. Tremendous wisdom behind these words. Thanks for sharing these, Heather. You are a magnet for the good.

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