Poet Claudia Schönfeld


you feed me
on raw fish
when our world’s
upside down,
chaos around,
people drown, small
as bugs in the
while forces of
grow tall and
blossoming cherries bleed,
spilling red, white –
hopes like vomit on
shaking ropes,
will they hold?
sing, sing sakura ‘cos
is just ‘round
the corner
miwatasu kagiri – as far as i can see
kasumi ka kuma ka – like fog, like clouds
descending, tears
blind my eyes,
close to the coast
the giants crack loose
and still
nioi zo izuru – the scent, the colors
of strength in the air
raining rosy,
holding my fear
izaya izaya – let’s go,
let – go,
bow low and pray
for the melting to stop and
you feed me on
‘til I’m silent, ‘til
I know, hana zakari – blossoming time
is close
Visit Claudia Schönfeld’s blog at http://splittergewitter.blogspot.com/
Sakura: the japanese cherry blossom is one of the most important symbols in japanese culture. It’s an omen of good fortune, new beginnings, beauty and also a metaphor for the fleeting nature of life.

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