Poets for Tsunami Relief: Poet Shiv

Sunrise After 8.9

there was
a gory dark time
of the eclipse
of 8.9
But far
on a rosy horizon
to have darkness undone
sits another baby
I feel
it somewhat low
but I still feel it
with glow
This is
the sun that
will bring close those
who in current life are cast
and memories of those
who were amongst us
in the near
This is
the sun that will
shine upon what’s in disdain
and upon what cannot be
put together
its rays
reflect the
pain (that trembling thrust)
of my dear brothers and sisters
and warmly touch me
as a reminder
of oneness
of us
My soul
feels the warmth
in their acceptance
of the power of nature’s will
and feels the pain in
their surrendered smiles
I feel
them somewhat near;
and ever more
far out
on a rosy horizon
to have grave darkness undone
I feel surely sits
baby sun
will again
from its cradle
in the east shine the sun
just like ages ago
its luster had
Hail the sun
for rising again!
Hail the sun
for shining again!
I feel
it somewhat low
but I really feel
it glow 

My feelings world will grow
as per the master plan
the sun that now lies low
will again rise from Japan
Shiv is poet and musician based in California. http://shivpoetry.blogspot.com and twitter: @shivpreetsingh

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