The Groovy Granny Has Arrived! (or: What I Didn’t See Coming)

Some of you wonderful regular readers have also been reading my children’s poetry blog, A Children’s Poetry Place. A few months ago, I told you I’ve been working on a new children’s book this year.

In actual fact, I’ve been working on this collection of poems for a decade. Two of them were in my first ebook, Bubble Mud and Other Poems (Electric Ebook Publishing, 2001) and the rights have since reverted to me, so I’m republishing them. The others -including a few limericks, haiku and cinquain – are my absolute favorites among the many children’s poems  I’ve written and polished since the birth of our daughter, Kayla.

What I didn’t see coming was that one day, our daughter would ask to illustrate the poems, and that her illustrations would be really, really good —and funny. What I didn’t see coming was that she’d be the illustrator I’ve been searching and searching for all these years for The Groovy Granny —and that I’d be the publisher! (through my registered business, Graceful Publications).

We’ve created our first children’s poetry book together. It’s perfect for reading to preschoolers and beginner readers, and middle graders will love reading it aloud.  You can preview the entire book and have the option of buying it in softcover, image wrap hardcover, or hardcover with dust jacket (the hardcovers are totally worth the extra dollars, they are gorgeous, bookstore quality) HERE:

Thanks so much for taking a look at our ‘baby.’

Best wishes,

Heather and Kayla

Heather and Kayla reading The Groovy Granny for the first time (April 12, 2011)

Reading her favorite poem, 'On Bad Days,' photos by Bill Stewart.


  1. […] The Groovy Granny Has Arrived! (or: What I Didn't See Coming). […]


  2. Irene Gordon says:

    Hi Heather,
    Lovely book and great title — as I like to think that I am a groovy granny to my three grandsons. This book will be a great Christmas present for grand sons and grand nieces, so I’ll be in touch later.


  3. Congrats ladies!!! 🙂

    I shall look into the book for my girls. She is as talented and creative as her mother, no surprise there :p lol

    KUDOS you two


  4. Imelda Cross says:

    very nice pictures of you and kayla!!


  5. Jenn Gibson says:

    This is an amazing, creative and inspiring book, Heather and Kayla! So proud of you both! Yeah!
    The Gibsons xo


  6. Heather Stewart says:

    How absolutely wonderful that the two of you have published this book….we are dying to see it….we would like to buy 3 hardcover copies for now and more in the future. One is for Jackson John Stewart and the other is for Nicholas and Caiden Perna and one for us. Can you send them to us or should we go online? Love to you both


  7. Evelyn says:

    She looks just like you…
    beautiful ladies
    beautiful creations…


  8. Nate says:

    Lovely concept and lovely book!


  9. Larry Leitner says:

    Looking at the preview I just love the illustrations. She did a wonderful job. I can’t wait until my copy arrives.


  10. Thanks, Neeraj. We are so happy to see this book finally come to life.


  11. so nice & cute to read at the bottom: “Heather and Kayla”. Kayla is surely changing her mom’s world for better. Good pair.


  12. bizemom says:

    What a cool thing to share together! She is following in your footsteps! Congrats


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