The Groovy Granny: ‘Destined to become a family heirloom’

What readers are saying about The Groovy Granny:

“Destined to become a family heirloom.”

“The opening poem, ‘Gadget Snow Pants,’  is pure genius.”

“I can’t wait to read it to my  grandkids and tell them that a special little girl drew all of these amazing pictures. They are going to LOVE it!


“Echoes of Seuss, but the humor is all Heather Grace Stewart.”

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Sales in the first three weeks went so well I decided to add the ISBN at the back (this is an important code to make cataloguing the book easier), and added some  reader reviews to the new dust jacket. All three books are available here:   Please share this link with others –grandparents, teachers and parents –who might be interested in “The Groovy Granny.”

Signed copies are also available via Paypal, just email me at to make arrangements.

Thanks for reading and sharing!

Heather & Kayla

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