Leap Into The World of Epub Ebooks!

My poet pal Kellie Elmore had a question about my ebook ‘Leap’ which I thought I should answer for you all:
“Congratulations Heather! Is it available for Kobo? I’d love to read Leap!”

Thanks Kellie!

The answer is YES!

There are so many readers out there, I decided to go with the epub file for my ebooks, which is more universal than the mobi file (Kindle files). Kobo reads both epub files and PDF files, and if you go to Lulu.com in the ebooks section, you can download both these versions of Leap.

Epub doesn’t read on the Kindle  but look at all the others it works on:


If you go to Lulu.com ebooks (here’s my ebook Leap:   http://www.lulu.com/product/ebook/leap/16247447?productTrackingContext=search_results/search_shelf/center/1 ) it has free software right on the page where you can buy my book and you download the free software Adobe Digital Designs. This lets you read Leap as an ebook on your Mac or PC in an ereader format and on many many mobile ereaders -bascially, whichever ones can read epubs or PDF files.

If you eventually get an ipad, which has Kobo and Kindle for ipad as well as the ibookstore, you can find it and read it on the ipad in Books, in itunes. I love my ipad because it has all three readers on it and I just switch back and forth to different readers on the ipad depending on the book I want to read.

Leap for the ipad or iphone http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/leap/id442076340?mt=11

I haven’t given up on getting both Where the Butterflies Go and Leap on the Kindle, but I just wanted to make them available almost everywhere else first. I went with the ipad and iphone first for ‘Leap’ because it’s a colour device and I wanted my photos to be presented as nicely as they are in the print edition. I also loved the innovative side of it all. Lulu has told me they are looking into making my books available for the Kindle…in time. Slow and steady wins the race.

Edit: Shortly after I wrote this blog post today, ‘Where the Butterflies Go’ became available on the ibookstore, priced at just $4.99 too! It’s going to be available as  an epub on Lulu too -hang tight if you want this version for Mac or PC and other ereaders -it will be available shortly.  If you do buy ‘Where the Butterflies Go’ for the ipad please do write me a review and give me a star rating – every bit helps. Thanks!



I bet the Statue of Liberty has Leap on an ipad by now! Do you? Photo by T. Jurado (with thanks).

4 responses to “Leap Into The World of Epub Ebooks!”

  1. An excellent choice, there. I went at it the opposite way — looked to see what e-book format was the most popular, then chose my reader based on that. E-pub was the clear winner. (There are some great conversion programs out there, too, so you can always turn an epub into a mobi if need be.)

    • That’s great to know, Andrew. Did you mean my customers can buy the epub and then convert it into a mobi? I didn’t know this! Or did you mean I could do it and then provide it for the Kindle? I’m pretty sure Lulu’s looking
      into making our epubs available on Amazon Kindle, so I’m focusing my energies on other stuff right now, but if it’s easy to turn an epub into a mobi, I’ll tell my customers how! 🙂 Can you point me in the right direction?

  2. This is great H I’m glad the e-books are going well. I’m expecting a Royalties statement from Bewrite soon, e-books are receiving a lot of publicity over here at the moment.

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