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Me with ‘Leap’ for the iBookstore on my iPad – July… on Twitpic

Me with ‘Leap’ for the iBookstore on my iPad – July… on Twitpic

I just want to thank everyone for buying, sharing, and creating buzz around my two poetry ebooks, Leap and Where the Butterflies Go –today they rank #1 and #4 on Lulu.com in the Top 100 Bestselling Poetry Ebooks this week! They’re also doing well on Lulu.com’s all-time best-selling ebooks list, and selling very well in the iBookstore.

I’m enjoying summer, and am busy working on my next poetry collection (a full colour photographed poetry collection for the iBooktore!), ‘Carry On Dancing,’ and creating an ebook version of ‘The Groovy Granny.’
Thanks so much for reading and sharing news about my work.