Fireside Reading of ‘The Fragile Parts’

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So, I finally did it. While preparing for my Oct. 1st reading at Paragraphe Bookstore in downtown Montreal, my husband videotaped my practice run in our home (in fact, I’ll embarrass him now and tell you all that he even set up a little candlelight café in our living room the night before, so he and our daughter could be the first to hear me read, in a café-like setting. Made my night).

I’d like to share my reading with those readers who weren’t able to attend and asked to see it. So, here’s Part I of what will be a four or five-part post (in 3 minute segments). I’ll post Part II today (Three poems from Leap), and save the other parts for another day. Someone did videotape the actual reading at Paragraphe Bookstore, too. I’ll share that on vimeo once I receive that clip.

There are some photos from the ‘PWAC READS’ event at my Facebook Author page,

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  1. , He was there Sophie, he was there! . Many other people later meeinontd that they also felt that burst of sunshine. I felt it, without thinking about it cognitively. But I like the idea that he may have been there in a way. Over the following months, the odd thing would happen rays of sunshine, seeing a hare at close quarters whilst on a bike ride, other wonders of the natural world; and I did feel like these were some sort of connections with him. Who knows if they were or not. It doesn’t matter. At the time it was comforting. They don’t seem to happen any more, maybe I am not searching so hard. I miss those moments though. I can’t believe he is not here. Do Not Stand At My Grave And WeepDo not stand at my grave and weep,I am not there, I do not sleep,I am a thousand winds that blowI am the Diamond glints on snowI am the sunlight on ripened grainI am the gentle Autumn rainWhen you awaken in the morning’s hushI am the swift uplifting rushOf quite birds in circled flightI am the soft stars that shine at nightDo not stand at my grave and cryI am not there, I did not dieMary Elizabeth Frye

  2. Love the video. I’ll watch the others later, but this was great. I really need to make it up to Cananananada-land sometime when I’m in Leftpondia.

    1. Thanks so much for commenting! I would love for you to make it to Canada some day soon, too.

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