‘Leap’ and ‘Where the Butterflies Go’ now on the Nook!

If you’ve wanted to download my poetry collections but haven’t had the right reader, now
you have one more option.

Both collections are now in Nook Books:

Leap $2.99:

Where the Butterflies Go $1.99:

Leap remains #4 in Poetry on Lulu.com as an epub for most ereaders, and #4 in iBooks ~Paid Poetry for the iPad and iPhone and iPod touch, here:


Where the Butteflies Go is holding it’s own in the Top 100 and both books remain in ‘What’s Hot’ in Poetry in the U.S. and Canadian iBookstores. Wow! Thanks for all your support.

The books in the Nook Bookstore are looking somewhat sad, with no star-ratings or reviews yet. Hope some of you can step up and help me out there?


Of course, both books remain in print at Lulu.com and Amazon.com and Bn.com and I’m always happy to ship autographed copies to you. Email me, and we’ll arrange for payment including shipping & handling via Paypal.

Thanks so much for reading – in print, or for going digital with me!


Me, reading Leap in preparation for my Paragraphe Bookstore reading, copyright Bill Stewart, Oct .1, 2011

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