Take 2 Minutes. Watch This. Make a World of Difference.

This explains (much better than I ever have been able to!) why I have always felt so strongly about donating half the proceeds from my first two poetry collections to Unicef’s Gift of Education. I’ll keep giving a portion of the proceeds from those two books to Unicef’s Gift of Education Program, to give educations to girls (and boys) in developing countries. I am blogging today about http://girleffect.org/give in hopes that you too can spread the word. If you can’t give, then please blog or tweet about the incredible campaign that is The Girl Effect! Please watch this video and visit other posts for the Girl Effect campaign
http://www.taramohr.com/girleffectposts/ Take two minutes, and change our world.

3 responses to “Take 2 Minutes. Watch This. Make a World of Difference.”

  1. The Girl Effect is a great campaign. Thanks for what you do, HGS.

  2. A first-rate example of the medium and the message in perfect harmony. Animated type and icon-like figures tell an engaging and inspiring story. I love it both as message and a work of art!

  3. Well done, Heather.

    Mine is here:

    And don’t forget to link your post in at The Girl Effect Blog Campaign site:

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