Thanks for Taking the ‘Leap’! Some Reader Reviews…

I cannot thank you enough for the star-ratings and reviews you’ve been leaving for me this past year on various websites.

I now have a good collection of reader reviews of ‘Leap’ on, on the U.S. iBooks, Canadian iBooks, and I suppose I should be collecting these reviews all in one place, so, here goes!

Oct. 3, 2011



'Leap' featured in iBooks under 'Great Canadian Poetry' August 2011

“What to say about Leap? Heather Grace Stewart pitches her poetry somewhere between the world we see and regret not having the strength to change as adults, and the world as it can only be experienced through the eyes and words of a child. At times her work betrays an honesty and sadness that breaks the heart both through shocking honesty and the capacity to make people understand her unique but identifiable feminine standpoint. I will never regret my purchase of this collection. Heather Grace Stewart is a rare and brilliant talent, no matter which poetic medium she turns her hand to.

October 3, 2011
“Buy and read Leap by @hgracestewart, it’s a fantastic collection and easily worth ten times its $2.99 price tag.”
Poet Adam White, on Twitter

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September 2011



Five stars doesn’t do it justice. A wonderful, heart-lifting read.

Ashleigh, iBook buyer


June 2011
“Her poems are clear, honest and rich in detail. Sorrow, confusion, love, satisfaction and humor are to be found in her words.” Poet Mark Stratton
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June 2011


The best of both worlds

A wondrous synthesis of technological and organic beauty.

Painfully raw in parts, utterly hilarious in others – always sincere.

A great read altogether.

Shawn Halayka

June 2011


This book is fabulous!

by Larry Leitner

Leap is the second compilation of poetry by this talented Canadian. As with her first book “Where the Butterflies Go”, She is able to take you on a journey of the emotions of life. She is able to see life more clearly that almost anyone I have read. There are times she is able to see it through the eyes of her young daughter who happens to be on the book’s cover. There are poems about Loss, Love and Life in general. There will be tears, there will be laughter and everything in between. Beautifully illustrated by Ms. Grace Stewart’s own Photography.

“These accomplished but unforced pieces, engage, entertain and enliven.” Tom Phillips, UK poet and reviewer, Various Artists

“ direct, political and feminine by turns that it can take your breath away. A must for new and already hooked fans.” -Sally Evans, poet and Editor, Poetry Scotland.

April 2010

By Kimberly Jurado

Wow! From the cover photo to “page from my notebook” in the back, I thoroughly enjoyed this work of art! Refreshingly modern poetry with timeless sentiment woven throughout. Autumn Will, Valley, and Five Thousand Friends (FUN social networking poem) are three of my favorites from this collection of real life poems and photographs. I discovered the author through an Internet search for “facebook, friends, poem” and her work has intrigued me ever since! A big thank you to Heather Grace Stewart for being in tune with the world and for believing in the power of poetry to connect people — whether they are friends, strangers or even a world apart.

Mar. 28, 2010 By Elisa Lorello

Heather Grace Stewart has outdone herself with this collection. These are modern poems for a modern world, full of humor, sincerity, moxie, and sensual beauty. The accompanying photographs add a sense of wonder and depth, and make you want to jump into every scene. Heather Grace Stewart has taken the Leap into greatness, and we cannot help but follow in her footsteps. A must-own for every woman (and man, too!).

Mar. 25, 2010 By Adam Taylor

Buy this.. now! Don’t walk, don’t run…. LEAP! As always Heather captures tiny pieces of life and magnifies them into their most radiant and decadent. A pleasure.


Apr. 28, 2010 By Robert Gervais

The poem ‘Forever August keeps calling me back to my copy of Leap. By way of contrast, I love the black and white instantaneity/foreverness of ‘Coping.’ Heather Grace Stewart has a fine hand that knows how to dip into the emotional well and then paint outside the lines, outside the box, outside of herself, where everyone else is. She has a gift of looking inside a minute, seeing what makes it tick and then explaining it to us. Bravo.


Mar. 8, 2010 By movemout Absolutely love this book! Heather is such a gifted poet. She captured me from the first words, I could not put this book down until I had read it all. Now to read it again and again and savour it. Thanks Heather, what a wonderful gift to the world!

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