My Oct. 1st Bookstore Reading (via Vimeo)

Hey lovely subscribers and readers! Here is an 8-minute clip of part of the Oct. 1st reading I did for the PWAC (Professional Writers of Canada) Reads event at Paragraphe Bookstore in downtown Montreal, with writers (L-R) Beverly Akerman, Julie Barlow, Olivia Kona, and MC Kathe Lieber,( also reading but not on stage: Eve Krakow). Thanks to the organizers of PWAC Reads and to Veronica Louis for videotaping the event.

In this clip, I am reading from ‘Leap,’ (2010,, iBooks, Nook, Amazon) some poems from my upcoming collection Carry On Dancing (Winter Goose Publishing, March 2012) and poems from The Groovy Granny for kids, available on and as an epub in iBooks.

Thanks for watching! Hope to read in your city soon. Contact the League of Canadian Poets ( to learn about their reading programs and how I may be able to visit through Poetry Canada Tours.

6 responses to “My Oct. 1st Bookstore Reading (via Vimeo)”

  1. Heather…

    This was so great! I found it exciting to listen to you after the many emails and comments we have shared. You are delightfully entertaining! Love the drama you brought to each one, giving them life!


  2. I can see you’ve been busy……. congrats on your new ebook…… I was missing you on dversepoets’ Tuesday nights so just popped into say hi…… Cell phones in Heaven….. a beautiful ending to that poem…. You weren’t really reading all of that though, I could see that you have most of it memorized…… good show young lady! Hope to see you back at dverse when you can make it…….

    • Hi John
      I really appreciate you dropping by and commenting. Yes, I’ve been very busy, and don’t like to contribute to DVerse
      if I won’t be able to read everyone’s posts. Hopefully this week I can participate – nice to be missed. Yes, I seem to memorize
      my work as I write it and if I’ve performed it enough times, it sticks. I’ll see you at DVerse soon – thanks again for your support.

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