Mike Holmes, I Think I Love You

My crush on Mike Holmes could turn into a flaming hot romance. Or, at the very least, I want to bake chocolate chip cookies for him. My husband would approve.

I’ve always loved Mike Holmes’ TV shows about home renovation. Before he got syndicated and started appearing in everyone’s home in North America, before everyone else fell for him, we had something special. He tended to all my (housing) needs. He listened to me. He wanted to ‘Make It Right.’ He always did.

I introduced him to my husband, and they began a bromance. I wasn’t jealous. Things were getting done around the house. Getting done right.

I’m not saying my hubby didn’t know how to do things right around the house. He’s actually a fantastic handyman. But now he’s adding what some would call feminine touches; the extras he used to to guffaw at when he saw them on ‘girly’ home renovation shows.

This past weekend, we watched Holmes Inspection. At the end of the show, an elated woman showed the viewers her closet, complete with dark chocolate baskets that kept everything in their place.

A few years ago, my hubby added wooden shelves and a cabinet to our closet. It was gorgeous, but within weeks, we were just stuffing our clothes, my purses, and other knick knacks on the shelves. I honestly had too much going on to even think about baskets. So it’s my fault too. But this is supposed to be a funny story about the men we love, so let’s get back to that.

Months of girly home renovation shows did nothing for my husband’s imagination, or that closet. But one hour with Mike Holmes and my dear husband was hammering and sawing away in the basement, improving his closet renovation with the passion of a man inspired by art.

That’s not all. Last night, he came home with six dark chocolate baskets under his arm, another dozen in the car, and a smile on his face like a kid’s on Christmas morning.

These were practically the same baskets he had laughed at when some other home renovation experts showed them in their shows. Turns out those home-reno amateurs are easy to ignore. It’s not so easy to ignore Mike Holmes.

And that is why I love the man, and invite him to our home (to make renovations, of course) any time. I know there must be a long line of adoring women who feel the same way.

I’ll wait for you, Mike.

Beautiful Baskets copyright HGS

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  2. I think the magic Mike brings to the mix is that he’s a rare breed – a guy’s guy who wants everyone to have a safe, snug, secure place to call our own: not a house, but a home. He’s found a way to touch us where we live and make it right. What’s not to love about that! Thanks for sharing, Tiger Lilly!

    PS GREAT baskets!!

  3. so cute. you and this post.

  4. Your piece is still going up today. Not sure what time though. I’ll leave you a message. I’m making some changes to it and have to go out first.

    1. P.S. – Nice new theme.

  5. Good write, made me smile – thanks for that, it’s been a rough year (good for some things, bad for the paycheck gig): I tend to be gruff, efficient, by nature, so for me, smiling is a big deal, as my humor usually runs toward the dark, the world-is-brutal end of the spectrum (your work not included in this, obviously).

    I’ve liked what I’ve read of your work. When I can afford it, I’ll pick up (at least) one of your books, and (probably) review it on my Reading & Writing By Pub Light site.

    Later, gator.

    1. Thanks so much Steve. I love that I made you smile. I’d love for you to review my next collection, coming out March
      2012. I am sure I can arrange a review copy. So excited! but no pressure. I’m enjoying your poems by the way. Magic
      of e-books – gotta love it. Cheers!

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